Learning through experience and error

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Why Do I Pay For Courses If Knowledge Is Freely Available?


If it’s not clear from the subtitle of this blog or many blog posts, I like learning. In fact, I love learning. A lot of that learning has recently been in the form of paid courses and nano-degrees. Most people I know ask me why I prefer paying for knowledge that is freely available in other ways. Let me share my side of the story and let’s see if it makes sense to you.

The Silence Of Living Alone


I live alone. I wasn’t forced into it. Like all of us, I had seen movies and how they romanticised living alone. The exaggerations check out. Yes, I have danced as I exited the bathroom without any clothes on because who won’t? Yes, I love being in control of my space and not having to share it. I like a lot of it but not the last few hours of every day. At least, not since the last...

About Doing Things: It’s Better To Be Into The Things You Are Into


I try to do a lot, and I achieve what I can. That’s not my line though. It belongs to a friend. I love it though so I’ll use it here blatantly and without asking her for permission first. However, I was talking to another friend from school the other day, and he said something I can’t just shake off that easily. He said, “It’s better to be into the things you are...

Socializing For Introverts 101: Fake It, Till You Make It


I’m an introvert which oddly enough, most people don’t believe anymore. However, I’ve stressed this multiple times in multiple blog posts. One of them is quite popular if the number of readers is concerned. Even if people accept my introversion as valid, they have one question: How are you so social? Let me answer that in one phrase: Fake it, till you make it.

Don’t Quit Social Media Instead Have One Undocumented Hour Every Day


“Look at her. She documented every hour of the day for her 200 fans”, said one of my friends to another friend who made enough Snapstories to earn that jibe. All of us laughed. She was red. Obviously. That little remark got me thinking though, and I figured it out. In this age of social media, not staying on it hinders your life more than you’d realise. So, instead of quitting...

Last Week I (Almost) Wrote A Blog Post From A Movie Theatre


I like writing, but I’m not one of the snobs who love a typewriter. Alright, I am. However, affording a vintage typewriter and maintaining it is hard. Also, you cannot post on a blog from it, so there’s that. However, I do appreciate technology and how beautifully it enhances the experience of doing what you love. I (almost) wrote and published a blog post from a movie theatre.

Learning through experience and error

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