Learning through experience and error

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A Good Life Isn’t Devoid Of Stress; It’s How You Manage It That Counts


Some stress is necessary for life. That is my maxim. That is what I believe. Why is that? I don’t know. Maybe it was the way I grew up. Perhaps, it is how I’m wired. However, I do think that there should always be some stress in life for me to move forward. In fact, stress is slightly positive unless all of us would be somewhat complacent. What do you do if you’re utterly and...

What Most People Don’t Understand When They’re Making Phone Calls


We’ve come a long way when it comes to the way we communicate. Most people suck at making phone calls. I have a lot of quirks as a person. I am also easily irritable when it comes to said quirks. One of these is that I hate people who call you and instead of talking to you, they start talking to someone else who’s standing right next to them. In fact, I asked a lot of friends, and...

Don’t Add Water: You Can Always Eat Something Better


Eating shit is a choice. This is something I’ve learned in the last six months. In fact, it was almost exactly six months ago when I wrote a post titled, “Just Add Water: A Lazy People’s Guide To 2-Minute Cup Food“. This post talks about my, then recent, acquaintance with instant eatables. This is a passive apology for glorifying the idea of bad eating habits. Just add water...

That Stranger In Starbucks Who Was So Content That She Was An Anomaly


On Christmas Day last year, I was with my friends in Starbucks. It was a great week. People from the hometown were staying with me, and I showed them around Delhi-NCR. On one evening, I took them out to show them my Starbucks; the Starbucks outlet which I visit regularly. No, I’m not an inadequate guide, I also took them to other places including monuments, roadside markets and so on. As we...

How Finding My Trigger Habit Lets Me Break My Routine If Life Demands


I spent a lot of time reading Medium articles last year. Most of them fell into the same group and talked about the same things. The hustle porn, the CEO routines and so on was the name of the game. However, one article that I remember was about “making your bed”. I tried looking for it. However, Medium is full of “make your bed” articles now. It’s a weird community...

Surround Yourself With Friends Who Do To Enable Yourself To Do More


It is great to have friends. It is even better if your friends do things. Nothing tops having healthy jealousy among friends who do things though. That is how I define my relationship with my friends from my hometown. Each of us has a different path, and we realise that. It is in that realisation that we continually push each other to become the best versions of ourselves. I wouldn’t have...

Why Do I Pay For Courses If Knowledge Is Freely Available?


If it’s not clear from the subtitle of this blog or many blog posts, I like learning. In fact, I love learning. A lot of that learning has recently been in the form of paid courses and nano-degrees. Most people I know ask me why I prefer paying for knowledge that is freely available in other ways. Let me share my side of the story and let’s see if it makes sense to you.

The Silence Of Living Alone


I live alone. I wasn’t forced into it. Like all of us, I had seen movies and how they romanticised living alone. The exaggerations check out. Yes, I have danced as I exited the bathroom without any clothes on because who won’t? Yes, I love being in control of my space and not having to share it. I like a lot of it but not the last few hours of every day. At least, not since the last...

About Doing Things: It’s Better To Be Into The Things You Are Into


I try to do a lot, and I achieve what I can. That’s not my line though. It belongs to a friend. I love it though so I’ll use it here blatantly and without asking her for permission first. However, I was talking to another friend from school the other day, and he said something I can’t just shake off that easily. He said, “It’s better to be into the things you are...

Learning through experience and error

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