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You Don’t Find Your Passion, You Do Things Passionately


Passion is the poster boy of the 21st century. No discussion about a successful life forgets to include the dreaded keyword. However, there is no magic mantra to living a life that is fulfilling in every aspect; even if there was, I’m sure it would be longer than a single word. I love writing. I love putting words together. Is writing my passion? I’m not so sure, yet. Do I do it...

The Feeling Of Attending Concerts, Live Gigs and Performances


I looked up at the stage. Lights were flickering all over, changing colours from red to orange to white to green to purple. With each change in hue, one of my favourite bands gleaming as their music sets the tone of the entire field, overcrowded with people swaying together, not a care in the world. The city was Pune, the festival was VH1 Supersonic, and the band was alt-J. That was when I first...

Remembering Cybercafés: Where Did My Childhood Go?


I’m not usually a perpetrator of “I was a 90s kid” statements. However, I’ve been thinking and reminiscing about something that is almost non-existent today. Hell, I haven’t seen one up and running properly since years. When was the last time you visited a cybercafé just to browse the internet? If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure the answer is...

I Got Inked: The Why, What And How Of My Modified Semicolon Tattoo


If you asked my opinion for tattoos back when I was in school, you’d get a very hostile response. I was vocally against body art. I’m not sure why that was the case. I never had reasons to justify my dislike for them, and even in hindsight, I almost fail to explain why I reacted the way I did. Contrastively so, I got a tattoo some ten days back. What changed? A lot.

Why Breaking Your Character Is Necessary To Grow In Life


In storytelling, and otherwise, “character” is a strong word. It is quite literally the definition of a person. To have a good character is analogous to being a good person. In storytelling of all forms, breaking character is a significant act. It is often a defining moment which pushes a character to do something they won’t usually do and that, in turn, makes the story and the...

Valentine’s Day, 2015: I Changed My Life, Not That I Knew It At The Time


It’s that time of the year again. The day when those in love cherish and at times, exaggerate their fondness for each other. Also, the day when those who aren’t so lucky find ways to undermine what is a beautiful moment for the entire world. This post isn’t for the former. You’re happy, and you can enjoy the social construct called “Valentine’s Day” so...

Overwhelmed By Your Current Life? Try A Soft Reboot


It was the last week of January. I was in my hometown, taking a walk around town when all of a sudden, everything that had been on my mind came rushing through. It’s difficult to explain what it exactly felt like. I could physically feel how overwhelmed I was with everything. So, I sat on a nearby bench, and I sobbed. Then, I figured out what I had to do, and I did just that.

The Polymath Will Now Have A New Post Every Tuesday, Every Week


I’ll keep this one short. I’ve written a lot on this blog in the last six months. However, I’ve realised that too much is as bad as nothing. In fact, four post per week is overwhelming as per most people who read my blog. It is also overwhelming for me and at times, I won’t lie, I produced half-assed content just for the sake of getting a post out. So, there are going to...

The AUX Cable Diaries: Music, Friends, And Differences


The AUX cable is perhaps one of the biggest examples of trust between a group of friends. If you can trust a friend with an AUX cable, you can probably trust them with everything. AUX is obviously synonymous with Bluetooth now. Basically, the guy who plays music in the car full (and at times, overloaded) with friends is under a lot of pressure. That is because no more than three people can have...

How Leaving The Nest Changed Me, And What Made Me Realise That


Leaving the nest is a significant step for birds, and well, humans. I know because I have felt it firsthand. We’re human beings, and although all of us are unique and different, one thing remains common. We crave change and growth. Seeing the world and moving about in it is the easiest way to do just that. A couple of recent events made me realise this very fact.

Learning through experience and error

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