Learning through experience and error

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Why I Have A ‘No Laptop In The Bedroom’ Rule


There’s one rule I’ve not broken since the first day I moved to my apartment in Pune precisely seven months ago. I haven’t brought my laptop in my bedroom even once. That’s not out of coincidence; instead, it is a conscious rule and a decision. Here’s why I thought of it and why it is crucial, in my opinion. It’s a simple post today, but I guess we all need...

Finding Ideas: The ‘Carry A Notebook’ Advice Kinda Sorta Works


I believe most people have heard this age-old piece of advice. It goes like this—always carry a notebook with you. Why? To jot down everything. You could journal; you could write what you feel exactly when you felt it; or you could write ideas in it, every day. I’m sure by now you’re wondering, “but I can do all of that on my phone”, and that’s what I used to think...

What’s Your Inner Weather Report?


A couple of months ago, I found myself at Fuel Human Festival in my hometown, Dehradun. While there is a lot that happened during the festival, there is a part of one workshop that stuck with me. The idea of our inner weather report is something I haven’t been able to shake-off, and with good reason.

How To Reboot Your Canon The Comic Book Way


I’ve started reading comic books again. There’s a lot that I’ve started doing again. Before I get into all of that, I want you to do something. I want you to think long and hard about the most defining moments of your life up until now. These are the superhero moments; the moments when something particular happened and altered everything going further.

A Pocket Guide to Healthy Personal Relationships in 2019


The internet age is all kinds of amazing. There’s so much potential, and there’s so much positive we can take out of it. We’re connecting faster and broader. Knowledge is right there for the taking. Sounds like paradise, and to some extent, it is. There’s a little problem, though. Josh from third grade won’t stop sending me messages. I don’t know how to cut him...

The Journal #11: Juncture


When I moved to Pune some six months ago, I found myself walking along a path for too long only to realise that it didn’t lead me wherever I was going. I was still getting used to the whole area. It was unfamiliar, and therefore, sometimes, I had to retrace my steps back to a juncture before I could move in what seemed to be the right direction.

The Journal #10


I’ve been busy, to say the least. Numbers surround me for most of the day. I have tonnes of chores and reminders going on in the background. I wake up earlier than I would like usually, and when I do find a moment to sit down and reflect on things, the only reflection that manages to enter my headspace is that I’m tired and that I should get some rest.

The Journal #9


Lately, I’ve found myself saying fewer and fewer words, and apparently, writing even fewer. It’s not for the lack of thoughts for there are many, always. I don’t feel like putting them out in sounds, paper or the screen.

Learning through experience and error

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There are three kinds of blog posts here as of mid-2019 – The Journal, The Words and The Nudge.

The Journals are thoughts, lessons, events that unfold in my life word-for-word and as barebones as I can put them out there.

The Words are creative pieces, narratives, short-stories that take from my life but did not happen word-for-word.

The Nudge has self-help articles that try to be less proud and self-righteous. They end in the nudge, which is a shareable takeaway that summarises the entire idea.

You can read more about this change here and here.

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