Learning through experience and error

Journey Through Boards 2014


Journey Through Boards 2014 Ends : Entrepreneurship


About a month and a half back I started a series called Journey Through Boards 2014 where I decided I’ll collect the experiences and stories during my board examinations but I had to stop it midway as the CBSE decided to move my last exam to a date that was a month far from my pseudo last exam. Thing is when I was finished with Computer Science, I was kind of done already as that completed...

Journey Through Boards 2014 : Mathematics And Computer Science


Today was a wonderful day, I slept for as long as I wanted and then I didn’t have to study. Though my Boards haven’t officially ended but the journey is almost over. With only Entrepreneurship left scheduled for almost a month later, my Journey Through Boards 2014 is at a pause and by Jove this is the best feeling I’ve had since 3 months. This week I gave two exams which was...

Journey Through Boards 2014 : Chemistry


So, it’s been a week and I have given just one exam thanks to long preparation leaves but then they are really necessary. Here is the third post about the third exam for Boards 2014 – Chemistry. It overall follows the same story as Physics though Chemistry as a subject has been a little more good to me. I was tensed, now that I realise, who won’t? It is the exam of a lifetime...

Journey Through Boards 2014 : Physics


The way the title is written automatically suggests that this is a series of posts which I think is fine as I won’t lose my concentration due to writing and will mainly stay focused on the examinations. Last week, I didn’t officially declare Journey Through Boards 2014 as a series of posts because it wasn’t but now it is, so that post automatically comes under this category...

No More 6 Months, 1 Month, 1 Week, Boards 2014 Are Finally Here!


I guess nobody who reads my blog would’ve expected any other topic except one friend, who must be expecting something on the criticism of swag and youth but yes, that is a reserved topic for the days when I will have more time and a little more unlimited internet access. Today, nor do I have time nor internet access. This article is being posted by the handicap of Mobile USB Tethering, if...

Learning through experience and error

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