Learning through experience and error

The Archive

The Archive has all of the old. Everything I wrote before I changed the way The Polymath works in ’18. Everything is here, in the archive. You could read for days.


This Could Have Been The Last Blog Post Here But It Isn’t Yet


I’ve barely managed to get a structured thought out on the screen recently. I’ve managed to squeeze out a few captions on Instagram, but most of them were prompts from pictures I had clicked randomly. There’s not much I want to tell the world anymore because I don’t think it adds any value to anyone’s life if all I do is talk about myself. Does it? I don’t know...

So, What Are You Going To Do About It?


I try to live a balanced life in all regards. I’m only twenty-one-years-old though so it’s easier said than done. A couple of days where I work enough see me ditching waking up early to workout. Some days where I do everything right leave me with no time for any leisure. I still make it an effort to balance days out.

Not Watching A Video On Self-Discipline Taught Me Self-Discipline


I had just come back from Telangana. Volunteering was over. The gap year had resumed, and I was watching Youtube. “Self-discipline is freedom… from yourself” was the title of one of the videos in my Youtube recommends. It was at this point that I had watched Youtube for four hours or so. I wasn’t doing it actively or consciously. I didn’t watch that video. I’m...

Fifteen Months After A Reducetarian Diet, I’m Finally Becoming A Vegetarian


I’ve been on a reducetarian diet for the last fifteen months. It has been a fantastic experience. I started off with weekday vegetarianism which I talked about in this blog post roughly twelve months ago. However, today, I finally leapt into it. I’m finally stopping all consumption of flesh. I will, however, consume milk and eggs. So, that makes my new diet a lacto-ova-vegetarian one.

The Nallavagu Diaries: The Food… Or Lack Thereof


It’s a new month, and the days I spent in Nallavagu already feel like a distant memory. At this point, I feel like I’ve forgotten more about the experience than what I remember. The more I get into my life, the more my time there feels like a blur. However, I think, Nallavagu will forever echo in my memory like the morning, afternoon and evening wishes of the students that never ceased throughout...

What Now?


I’m done with college. I’m also back to my hometown. As I woke up late, after an unplanned ten-hour sleep, there were two things going on in my head. First, a plethora of guilt. Second, the question that the guilt kept asking me, “what now?”

Learning through experience and error

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There are three kinds of blog posts here as of mid-2019 – The Journal, The Words and The Nudge.

The Journals are thoughts, lessons, events that unfold in my life word-for-word and as barebones as I can put them out there.

The Words are creative pieces, narratives, short-stories that take from my life but did not happen word-for-word.

The Nudge has self-help articles that try to be less proud and self-righteous. They end in the nudge, which is a shareable takeaway that summarises the entire idea.

You can read more about this change here and here.

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