Learning through experience and error

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Look Before You Leap: Why “What’s On My Phone?” Was A Bad Idea


Are you doing this out of obligation or on an impulse or like, do you really want to blog about apps? A friend asked me when I declared What’s On My Phone? as a standalone category. He felt I was going to start creating content for the sake of it. He thought I’d lose the honest content thing I try to do or just simply, run out of content. I shrugged him off and called him stupid...

What’s On My Phone #1: Numbers For Productivity


Our phones were meant to make our lives easier, faster and more organized but that isn’t happening a lot now, is it? Not normally. Since the last few months I’ve been on a productivity drive where I improved my lifestyle significantly. How did I do that? For starters, I had help from the following apps. This is a collection of apps that give you quantitative results or help...

Learning through experience and error

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