Learning through experience and error

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New Year Roundup: Here’s To The Best Year of My Life


Unlike popular sentiment on the internet, I had a pretty amazing 2016. I can even go as far as to say that this was the best year of my life, yet. It started out brilliantly and is ending on a pretty amazing note as well. If you’ve watched Yes Man, starring Jim Carrey, you will know how happy one tends to get when they start saying “Yes” for everything. You will also know how...

5 Instances In 2015 Where My Life Changed For Good


It’s 20th January already so the New Year cheer should have already disappeared but since this is a personal blog, let’s go for a New Year roundup because I really did skip it this time around in my advents of laziness and better late than never is something I have recently started believing in. Here goes, 5 instances in 2015 where my life changed for good. 1. Repercussions of...

New Year Roundup : Realisations, Errors and Ramblings


Last year around this time I was dead worried, who wouldn’t be with Board Exams right around the corner yet I didn’t do a thing besides worrying. I didn’t change my habits, I didn’t prioritize and yes, I regret it because all the quotes which go along the lines of “…an exam can’t define your life…” aren’t exactly my kind of principles...

Learning through experience and error

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