Learning through experience and error

Why Do You Blog, Deepansh?


Why Do You Blog, Deepansh?

The familiar sound of Google Calendar fades into a noisy Big Bazaar crowd. I look at my phone and the notification which reads, “Write a blog post in 30 minutes”. I take a mental note of it and continue pushing my cart around, swiping things off my shopping list. Just then I have a fleeting thought. “Why?” I ask myself. That one thought gives rise to an extreme internal interrogation which starts with one question, the following question, “Why do you blog, Deepansh?”

I Don’t Know

“I don’t know”, I tell myself and then I start to think. I am clueless about why I spend at least three hours every weekday crafting, writing and publishing a blog post.

I’ve Been Doing It For So Long Now

Most of my previous blogs are like my most of my relationships. They existed for such little time that they don’t count. The Polymath was, in fact, that first blog that saw the sixth month and it is about to see its sixth year in a couple of weeks. I’ve written on the blog on and off for so long that I don’t remember why I began blogging.

If just The Polymath is concerned, I started it to prove a point. You can read more about that on the about page. However, what this blog is and what it stands for kept changing as I did. In a way, we evolved together. But, maybe I’ve done it for so long that I don’t need to justify its presence anymore. It’s like any activity you regularly do. Maybe doing it long enough made it a part of my life.

I Enjoy Expressing Myself

That was the third probable answer I could come up with as I kept walking in the mall grounds and then Sector-18, earphones in with Kenny Rogers’ Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) playing as I kept thinking and let muscle memory navigate through the crowd. That previous sentence is why I like expressing myself. I enjoy painting a picture and letting people step into my shoes, seeing what I saw, feeling what I felt and thinking what I thought for a while, even if it’s a stray sentence in the middle of some five-hundred words.

Maybe, It’s A Means To An End

Perhaps, the blog is a reason for me to write my daily dose of shitty words so that one day, I won’t be writing shitty words anymore. It has helped me build that muscle lately, and I’ve realised that the more you write, the better you get is almost a hundred percent true. However, styles and formats can be a bit restrictive. Maybe, the blog is my experimentation before I finally commit to one style and start moving toward it. I am only twenty-one years old. Perhaps, it leads to something I don’t know yet.

Perhaps, It’s All Those Reasons And More

When we try answering these questions, we often look for multiple arguments. That is, in fact, the founding principle of philosophy. Always look for cases that defeat your premise. If you can’t find any, you have something. However, often there are various correct answers none of which thoroughly explain your train of thought. So, you start to question more and more. I’ll do the same with my process.

Why Do You Do The Things You Do?

If you pick one thing from your life and start nitpicking over reasons to find your underlying motivation, there will probably never be one thing. Humans are more complicated than that. However, it is paramount that we ask these questions regularly.

Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. If you take this statement at face value then to be better at anything you need to have a habit for it. However, to keep doing something without it weighing over you, it is necessary to understand the why of it so that you can go on.

My arguments to the initial question look half-baked because that is precisely what they are. I don’t know yet what motivates me, but I’m trying to find that out. Take to the comments box and tell me what you do and why you do it. Maybe, that will help me out… and add one more argument to the “why” of my blogging; it helps me understand both myself and others.

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.

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Learning through experience and error

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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