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The Package Blue Dart Couldn’t Deliver And My Side-Quest To Find It


I woke up and remembered how an important courier was “Out for Delivery” last evening. I checked the status. To my dismay, a delivery attempt was made last evening but marked undelivered because of an incomplete address.

The Package Blue Dart Couldn't Deliver And My Side-Quest To Find It

I figured since it was coming from the bank, I could just go and check the address they have on record. I did that through their app and saw how incomplete the address really was. It had everything I would usually write and a landmark. If that is incomplete, I’ll start including my coordinates too.

The beauty of the ordeal was that I never got a phone call from their representative either. If you’ve ever wanted to receive a courier in this country, you know what I am talking about. It happens all the time to all of us because honestly, the state of couriers and delivery in our country is deplorable.

So, I tried finding numbers for Blue Dart, Dehradun and while I did find them, I also stumbled upon a jackpot of 1-star reviews on various websites with reasons similar to mind. Most people said that Blue Dart failed to answer both telephone numbers something I can verify now.

So, out of urgency and loss of faith in the courier company, I set out to their office near Ballupur Chowk. I reached there to find five people practically chilling with cups of tea in their hands. Yes, some work happened amidst all that random conversation right before lunchtime had officially begun but most of it was just them standing and talking outside the compound that was overflowing with consignments.

The only person keen on helping me was the rather younger person sitting at the counter. He told me that my parcel wasn’t there. Rather, it was in the other compound in Niranjanpur. I asked him if they could just get my parcel from there to the one I was in. It was a cakewalk for a delivery company, to be honest.

His superior budged in though and said that wasn’t possible. “Alright”, I said, “can you at least give me a number to contact them?”

He gave me a number and I tried calling it, only to realise that the number I was just given was the one I had called all morning. I told him the situation which urged him to reluctantly give me the contact number to their Operations Head.

This person was amazing. He apologised for the mess up front and then asked if I was able to come down to the compound or if I’d like it delivered. Since I was in the vicinity anyway, I chose the former. I called him twice to confirm the address as Google Maps failed me and he happily obliged.

Upon reaching, I saw a similar compound like the one I was coming from but this one saw more work happening. Perhaps, the presence of an official really does get things into motion. I walked up to the counter and explained my situation again. My package was found. However, to claim it I had to wait for another thirty minutes or so.

As I was waiting, a rather large yet tidy man came up to me and said, “You were the one who I just spoke to, right? Found your package?” Mr Abhishek shook hands with me. “Yes”, I said, “Thank you. I’m just waiting for a few formalities.” Ultimately, I got my consignment. The delivery person was kind enough to give me a ride back home also which was cool of him.

I realised two contrasting things today. The first was that the courier scene in the country is extremely dissatisfying. The second was that having preconceived notions about all employees from all courier companies was wrong as well, despite their modus operandi.

It’s a service industry. Yes, they need to keep services top-notch. Yes, it is obvious that a customer going to the compound for a courier is counter-intuitive. However, if no one is rude to you and they cooperate with you, perhaps cut them some slack. That said, having two working telephone numbers and a mobile number and failing to answer them for years shows some real lack of professionalism which is precisely why I plan to share this article with Blue Dart’s customer support.

Ultimately, I had a rather different experience but I understand the frustration if you don’t have the time to add an experience like this in your day. I agree how frustrating courier deliveries are and how they can be if you’re occupied throughout the day.

Bonus Story: The Delivery Guy From A Parallel Universe

Back in 2015 when I still lived on-campus, I had a parcel from eBay inbound to my university in the evening. I had a conversation with the delivery guy who said he’ll be there in a few minutes. So, got my ID card and waited for him at the designated gate.

I called him again and asked his whereabouts. The person’s reply was rather odd, “I’m at Amity University, Gate number 4”.

“Okay”, I said, “I’m at Gate 4 too. I don’t see you” to which he replied, “Okay” and hung up. Next thing I know, the item is marked as undelivered with the remark “receiver was not at address”.

The next day, they didn’t even bother to call me and just took the liberty of marking my order as undelivered without contacting me.

Ultimately, the parcel went back to eBay.

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Learning through experience and error

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Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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