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Netflix’s Big Mouth Fails And Wins For The Same Reason: It’s Overblown


Netflix's Big Mouth Fails And Wins For The Same Reason: It's Overblown

Big Mouth doesn’t look very different from any other tongue-in-cheek explicit animated show. However, there is something unique about this show. It works precisely why it doesn’t. It’s over-the-top, extraordinarily explicit and extravagant in its honest and witty script.

Big Mouth to me is like Just For Boys. Just For Boys was a hardcover book which was scripture to me in the early years of puberty. Big Mouth then feels like someone picked my questions, their joke-like answers, gave it an explicit twist and made a show out of it that is entertaining and could be educational. However, there is one issue I have with the show. The show is too much to handle for what should have been its target audience.

In the penultimate episodes of Season 1, Nick hasn’t hit puberty yet, but he’s continually trying to get into it by nagging the Hormone Monster. I know how ridiculous that sentence sounds. However, that analogy is precisely why the show doesn’t work for those hitting puberty. It just reveals too much, too soon. Despite ratings, we know they will watch a show about adolescence. Those are my two cents, at least.

It is only in hindsight of passing through puberty and the shenanigans that come with it that you can enjoy the show. It goes without saying that the show has a very smart and witty script which portrays said issues very clearly. The feeling of “Oh, I have been through that” is ever-present.

Even if we assume that thirteen-year-olds know everything these days (and they do), it is still somewhat odd for them to watch a cartoon where a monster throws his (crawling) dicks around as much as the word “dick” is thrown around or a sex-crazed teenager who will put his penis through anything including a pillow and a bath mat which is infested with athlete’s foot.

Maybe that is why it is a TV-MA or “17 or older” show in the US. I just see this as a missed opportunity for those who need it. Big Mouth could have been a better and more widely helpful “Just For Boys” in my opinion.

Big Mouth is hilarious to people who have passed that age because we’ve all had those weird ideas. Maybe not specifically about having sex with your pillow but somewhere around that perimeter.

In that sense, I believe the show fails because the people it could have helped cope with challenges will find it too overwhelming for their good. Not that they’d realise it until they became a twenty-something-blogger.

However, as a new adult who successfully graduated the problematic years recently, I enjoyed the show. I enjoyed it to the point that I have finished its first season twice now, and I’d still watch it.

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Learning through experience and error

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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