Learning through experience and error

Look Before You Leap: Why “What’s On My Phone?” Was A Bad Idea


Are you doing this out of obligation or on an impulse or like, do you really want to blog about apps?

Look Before You Leap: Why "What's On My Phone?" Was A Bad Idea

A friend asked me when I declared What’s On My Phone? as a standalone category. He felt I was going to start creating content for the sake of it. He thought I’d lose the honest content thing I try to do or just simply, run out of content. I shrugged him off and called him stupid. Turns out, he was right and I’m stupid. What’s On My Phone? is dead before it even began because I have no content at all.

When I started What’s On My Phone? I was doing a lot of stuff with apps. I was writing about apps and behaviour, I had just taken coding up, and I was also exploring newer apps (something I always do). Since all of that happened at the same time I went in over my head.

I tried to write about a lot of apps. Honestly, I did. I also went out of my way to try new ones. However, I’ll be blunt, the only thing I mostly have to say about any app I like is “awesome”. Maybe, it’s my lack of vocabulary or jargon but I just couldn’t figure out how to appreciate each app differently.

It works for me. I love it. It’s awesome. That’s where I draw the line and stop talking.

The Lesson: Look Before You Leap

This taught me something though. Had I written and prepared some content before jumping into creating a new series of posts, I probably wouldn’t even have started it in the first place. If I had and somehow succeeded in getting some posts ready, I won’t be typing this post now.

As impulsive as I am, this little failure on trying to get something new started made me realise how faulty impulsiveness can be if you’re trying to do something. The Just Do approach works, obviously. However, there should still be a vague idea in your head as to where you’re heading.

When I talked about Critical Effort yesterday, I talked about blogging and my flow with it. I said I just started and a couple of days later, I had done enough to get into a flow of writing and posting daily. That’s a different thing altogether because since I know about my blog and its diversity in content, I know I can find ideas for a blog post. Writing quality content on a specific theme like smartphone apps, though? That requires some thought and planning. In other words, I didn’t have enough ideas or content to reach critical effort.

I can get spearheaded and take leaps of faith without any warning. I do that all the time but this is probably the first time where I was clueless after the leap. There’s a lesson here, an age-old piece of wisdom:

Look before you leap.

I learned that you don’t necessarily have to plan for what you find after looking, all you need to do is look. That’s the least you can do. So, while the “Just Do” approach works, there’s always a caveat to it. The one where you are clueless about where to go and that’s what you should keep in mind as you sit down to do anything… like taking a gap year or something equally life affecting.

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Learning through experience and error

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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