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The Only Thing You Need To Do If You’re Irritated Or Frustrated


Four years ago, I wrote an article titled, 6 Things To Do And Not To Do When You Are Irritated Or Frustrated. It is, by far, the most popular article on this blog. It’s obvious, isn’t it? People are, more often than not, irritated and frustrated. We’re human, after all.

6 Things To Do And Not To Do When You Are Irritated Or Frustrated

Don’t react. Do not. That’s all. That’s the answer to not being irritated or frustrated for longer periods. It’s simple really. Don’t react, do this instead,

Stop. Breathe. Smile. Think. Respond.

While the previous article was juvenile, it did cover what one really needs to do when one is irritated but like the blog, I too have grown and I thought it was time to write about what I have learned in these four years.

I’m a control freak. I go on tilt almost as easily as the person who loses the pot on a good hand while playing Hold’em. It’s alright to let steam out once in a while.

In fact, lose your shit if you’re around those who know that side of you. I do. My friends know how much of an asshole I become if I’m not happy with something they did or something that happened. I don’t take them for granted. In fact, on the contrary, I’m myself around them.

That is literally the best advice I have on this topic. Yet. This has helped me avoid (figuratively) killing people. Do the five steps in the five seconds you have between whatever has happened and screaming the shit out of everyone. You’ll probably not scream at all.

Always remember to count what you have, no matter how abstract it is. But that is just hollow advice, right?

Let Me Tell You A Story

I had the perfect vacation planned for myself. I had two months to live by myself, go on an internship that was near perfect, go on a trip afterwards, keep up a good routine throughout and finally, grow up. So far, it has been shit. Illustrated better here. But that isn’t specific enough now, is it? Let’s go deeper.

Imagine coming happily to your room. Despite the shortcomings, this was a good day. You’re happy. But, now all of a sudden the AC won’t work nor would the fan because you’re practically living in is a construction site and well, these things happen. Not to mention, it’s over 40° Celsius throughout the day so you really need something to cool yourself but it’s 10 PM and no one can help you now. You call the manager/caretaker and explain. He tries his best to do something. So, the best solution is to sleep in a room beside yours which is partly painted and almost debris otherwise. The positive side is that the AC works. The negative? The bathroom practically doesn’t exist and, it’s debris, like I mentioned before.

Three years ago, I would’ve lost my shit and screamed his face off. I did not lose my shit though. I’m proud of myself.

What Happened Instead?

I stopped. I took a breath. A very deep one. I smiled, thereby lightening my mood. I thought of the reasons of why someone would ruin my day deliberately and I couldn’t think of any. Then, I thought of my options and I couldn’t think of any either. So, this is what I said instead of screaming at the guy, “These things happen, it’s alright. It’s one night.” To my surprise, he was sorrier than he would’ve been if I’d have completely obliterated him had I remained irritated.

To Conclude

This blog post is being typed from a bed put diagonally in a room that has broken tiles and wood all around. I am never going to type a post from somewhere like this ever again. Probably. That alone makes sharing this story worth it because that is what life is about. Stories. Let’s end it by saying,

I would be laughing about this a couple of years from now so why not laugh now instead, right?

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Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.

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Learning through experience and error

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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