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Decluttering My Life #1: The Cupboard and the Table


This post is in the series, Decluttering My Life.

Decluttering My Life

Look around yourself and try to find the things you haven’t touched in a long while. Be honest and you’ll see there are so many things you bought because they looked cool and then didn’t use them at all. Now, you have two choices. Start using them if you can or give them away. Giving could be donating or selling and both these methods are fun.

The Cupboard

I started getting rid of unnecessary stuff in my cupboard first. There wasn’t a lot of it, however, I did have piles of written class notes from semesters one through three in my cupboard. I had saved them hoping to give them to some junior but the few junior friends I have didn’t need them. So, I took them out and sold them to a nearby shop which accepts old paper. I got some money for it. Not much at all. Probably a couple of cups of coffee worth. The space they saved in the cupboard though? Priceless.

Next, I had a few Letternote notebooks I bought but didn’t use. I clicked their photos and asked my friends if they needed any on chat groups. I asked some friends individually too. An extra coffee mug was also on the grabs until last night. A couple of items are left but most of it is claimed or gone. The few course books that I have on rent right now will go back this month too.

Decluttering My Life 1 - Cupboard
This is how my cupboard looks right now. The brushes are also not there anymore.

To Summarise

These are pretty much all the things I got rid of.

  • 4 fancy notebooks I bought but didn’t use.
  • Some old charging cables that didn’t work but which I kept anyway.
  • Old stationary that didn’t work.
  • 2 mugs I didn’t use because I had two too many. One goes to a cousin, one to a friend.
  • Piles of class notes that were worthless now. About 10 notebooks, 50-60 loose pages and some other stuff.
  • An extra just-in-case toothbrush that was never used, was finally used. One was given to a friend.
  • A cardboard case for my glasses that was bent and broken anyway.
  • Piling all usable sheets of paper into one plastic bag which means I know where all usable paper is now.
  • The little, random things that creep into our cupboards but are never thrown away for some reason.

What’s in it?

  • Notes, files and books I need this semester.
  • Electric kettle, tea, coffee, milk powder and sugar.
  • A first-aid medkit box with essential medicines.
  • My laptops and a Nintendo 3DS are in the drawer above this space. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t using my DS much for the last couple of months and I started using it again. I had just forgotten how fun it was.
  • A Starbucks bag being used as a stationary pouch.
  • Two calculators, a simple one and a scientific one. I won’t be using the simple one during the next semester. I’ll wait to see if any subject requires it. If not, I’ll get rid of it.
  • A pair of large scissors.
  • A backup nasal spray. I have problems with my sinuses.
  • A bed brush.
  • Soaps because going out to buy one is a hassle and costs more than the soap. I’ll still keep a lesser stash with me once I’ve run out of these. I hoarded like 5 of each bathing and washing soaps last time I got them. I’ll keep it to a one + one extra from now on.

Bonus: The Table

Decluttering My Life 1 - Table Organiser
Read the paragraph below to know what’s going on here.

While at it, I organised my table to look cleaner and better. I combined a few boxes I had to make a table organiser. This was me being a bit too creative with boxes that could be re-used.

It’s three boxes, each with one purpose. The tissue box is well, a tissue box. The main box has everything I don’t need immediately.

The smaller side box has everything I need to pick up every time I go out. This is a list of six things: my spectacles, watch, wallet, earphones, student identity card and my keys. This also works as a checklist because it should be empty when I’m leaving the room. If it isn’t, I forgot something.

Decluttering My Life 1 - Table
This is how my table looks after I removed and moved everything in the boxes.

The only thing I will probably not sell or give away are my books because of the value they add in my life. I love books and I’m passionate about collecting them (and showing them off). So, I have half a dozen on my table here. I have over 70 at home on my shelf. Whatever I complete reading here goes to the home shelf. If I run out of things to read here, I bring some from my home shelf. It’s a simple mechanism and it works.

What’s on it?

  • The boxes: The tissue box. The bigger box has my power bank, it’s charger, a pair of scissors. The smaller one has my six essential items I cannot leave room without.
  • A deodorant spray.
  • A moisturizer I use daily.
  • An extension board for charging multiple devices.
  • 7 books. I gave one to my brother.
  • A mug.
  • A nasal spray.

To conclude, decluttering my cupboard was fun. It used to be filled with stuff and is mostly empty now. Only filled with what is used and what is needed. That combined with how the wardrobe section looks right now (more about it later) is relaxing every single time I open the cupboard. There are only things I need and nothing else I don’t. It’s a great feeling.

This ends the post about my first step at decluttering. Next post in this series, my Project 333 attempt.

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Learning through experience and error

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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