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CS:GO And What It Taught Me About Playing Together



This post in no way discourages anyone from playing outside. This is just a comparison of what gaming and playing outside have in common and how even after all the different changes, gaming is essentially playing with your friends and offers the same feeling and experience. Playing outside will always be more beneficial for you because of all the physical benefits it gives you. Also, all names and aliases revealed are already revealed on their respective Steam Profiles so I am not breaching any security or privacy as far as I can tell. Read on.

CS:GO And What It Taught Me About Playing Together
Andy Serkis (Ulysses Klaw, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe) is very, very correct on this one.

It’s almost been a year since I stepped back into Gaming. It sure doesn’t feel like it, mainly because of the hours I’ve racked on gaming and my Steam account now that I have almost nothing to do. Yes, I know I have a blog and I need to update it responsibly but I have been very lazy (and possible had a writer block) which is an issue I am already addressing, which is partly why I decided to write about CS:GO. So, I’ve been gaming, a lot but that hasn’t been devoid of my usual observations and here is something very interesting for open-minded people.

CS:GO, in its own twisted way, taught me and made me realise that the idea of playing with your friends in the evening did not die with gaming and all the heretics and scientist can say whatever they want. As per my experience so far, gaming is just the new form of it. Yes, there is very less physical activity and that might be a problem but if you consider gaming to be a bane just for that one reason. I’m sure you haven’t played a multiplayer First Person Shooter before.

Over the last few months, especially since I dropped from Architecture, I have made a lot of friends. I haven’t met them and I don’t need to meet them. You hardly invited all friends from the park to your home. You brought a few special and close ones into your life. Things have changed but that very idea has remained the same. Some people I play constantly with, stay in touch with me outside of Steam too while almost all others are limited to my Steam account and I only meet them in the field. So, it’s almost the same thing happening, only now that is in front of a screen.

Another thing is the sheer amount of laughter and fun we have while playing CS:GO. Yes, it gets a little serious at times because of the competitiveness but that is common when you play with people. It is meant to be competitive. Yet, there are wonderful times when a team of five people who’ve never stood together in real life laugh while one of them cracks a joke in between the game. It’s a very similar feeling yet has a different, a little modern knack to it. We’ve all played with new people when we used to play in the evening and sometimes those new people became regulars while sometimes they turned out to be bullies, trolls or even butt-hurt weakling players. The whole gaming community (especially CS:GO) works exactly like that. You meet so many new people, so many of them. Some always end up on the opposite team and it’s the only way you meet each other. It’s like that fat kid who comes to the field daily but never picks you on his team. Then slowly you form a regular batch of people you play with and then you play everyday.

It’s almost beautiful to imagine that I have no clue who Assassin or Visk or Sakura (A guy using a female name but there are girls who play CS:GO too, I know at least one) are but I know that whoever they are in their lives, they will come online roughly at the same time as me and we’ll play like we do. We’ll talk before games, we’ll talk after them. We’ll get to know one another slowly and while we remain Deepansh Khurana and Kanishk Tripathi in our daily lives, we meet each other as, ThePolymath and Sakura daily. It’s like without much detailed knowledge about anyone I play with besides their name, age and whatever they do, I have formed bonds I won’t forget for a very long time.

But what of your own friends, well, you never went to the ground alone ever, did you? You always had your friends with you, people you know already, people who play with you everyday. It’s exactly the same, Atal Dangwal and Yuvraj Singh might be my closest friends yet I meet them as Attyo7 and Mr.Y on a daily basis. They have a friend whose rightfully named Mr.Invincible but now through these two people I know in real-life, I got to know a third guy called Abhishek Negi. He’s my friend now. CS:GO is exactly like your backyard match of cricket or baseball or football.

Lastly comes skill, FPS games require their own form of skill set and team management but like any other game there are good players and bad players. As you play, you learn and improve. You also buy better equipment for your game. It works exactly like it used to, that’s what I’ve learnt so far.

Overall, it’s a very similar feeling as playing that 5 on 5 football match where you had to score goals against each other. Now we’re planting and defusing bombs and possibly enhancing our hand-eye coordination and problem solving in the background and while we’re at it, we aren’t forgetting to have fun and laugh together. I’ll go forward and say it’s the same thing, the only difference is that instead of the local field we meet at de_dust2.

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Learning through experience and error

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Deepansh Khurana

I write code by day and prose by night. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.

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