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Newbie’s Review : Dragon War Thor G9 Gaming Mouse


Newbie's Review : Dragon War Thor G9 Gaming Mouse

As a gaming enthusiast who was increasingly getting into more games and more precisely more multiplayer games, I finally decided to invest in a Gaming Mouse. Gaming mice are typically larger, have a few extra buttons to map and have configurable settings for attributes mostly not required in any other computer activity for example, DPI, Refresh rate and so on. It’s a pretty niche based product and therefore there isn’t much availability of choice and products in the local market and obviously, I decided to get mine online.

Now, I won’t call myself a professional so I was looking something a little less expensive than the Deathadder range which is pretty much the benchmark for new gamers and a friend suggested Dragon War Thor G9. He already owned one at that point so  I tested it and found it pretty satisfying. So, I waited for a while and while I was checking if there could be any discounts applied on it, I got a good deal from CupoNation, a website for great coupons and offers online. The reason I use CupoNation is primarily because it’s not as ugly and actually has a pretty nifty design. The deal I got was not specific to them but it was where I got it so it’s worth mentioning. So, I bought my Dragon War Thor and now that I’ve spent almost a month with it, I’m ready to review it. Please note, this is not a professional review and I’ll only review it from a new user’s perspective.

Table of Contents

  1. Design
  2. In-Box Accessories
  3. Features
  4. Gimmick : Turbo Fire
  5. Performance
  6. Verdict
  7. Picture Gallery


The Dragon War Thor G9 looks pretty badass with its Dragon insignia and massive size. The button placement is good and the build quality is solid. The Turbo Fire button, a gimmick I’ll talk about in detail later, is a loose-end in terms of design and shakes and feels a little poor and out of place when I look at the mouse as a whole. The multi-coloured, customizable lights and the breathing mode add points to the aesthetic value and overall make it a delight to look at it.

In-Box Accessories

With the Dragon War Thor you get a Dragon War Mouse mat and a mini-compact disk containing the driver software along with the gaming mouse itself. The Mouse mat is pretty good but I still prefer my Steelseries QCK (obviously). There’s also a User’s Manual but you won’t need to read it if you understand even a little bit of computers which evidently (because you’re reading this review) you already do.


Dragon War Thor G9 sports 9 (if you include the scroll press) buttons that can be customized and mapped, the usual left-right clicks and the forward-backward found on popular gaming mice are obviously among those 8. The mouse has pretty neat software for mapping and customizing and anything from DPI, to Sensitivity, to Refresh Rate, to Colours of the Backlight can be customized in this spiffy looking window in the screenshot below. A button for Cycling DPI among the four presets of 800, 1600, 2400 and 3200 dots per inch is present on the top just behind the scroll button.

UPDATE (28/1/2016): Here is a link for the latest driver software, updating it is recommended to avoid running into any issues.

Dragon War Driver Software GUI
Dragon War Driver Software GUI

Gimmick: Turbo Fire

The mouse has a Hit-or-Miss feature called Turbo Fire; it’s a green button which is slightly more sensitive and rapid than the left mouse button. Now, this could be a Royal Flush for people who play Multiplayer FPS, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The button works sometimes and sometimes, it fires even slower than the usual Left Mouse Button. I could fire the Tec-9 (CS:GO) at the pace of an SMG in some instances while on some it was the only reason I died because the ‘fire’ just didn’t happen. A few friends I play with online said this has more to do with Server Performance than the Mouse but I strongly disagree. Still, it’s a pretty good gimmick if and when it works.


Paired with my Steelseries QCK Mouse mat moving this mouse is a breeze but it works smoothly on almost any surface I’ve tried which is basically what the Microsoft Bluetrack technology does. The buttons are solid (besides the Turbo) and it’s more accurate thanks to the 800 DPI setting I find rather comfortable when playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The mouse never gets stuck in game, a bug I’ve heard occurring with some other lower models by Dragon War. Overall, in my opinion, it’s my first gaming mouse and I am not disappointed.


This is a good mouse, given the relative cost; it’s actually an awesome mouse. It might be more for people who like a flashy look and is the exact contrast of Logitech’s Minimal Design. Basically, you could call it a Younger (and less costly) Razer mouse. Currently, it sells at Rs. 1250 to Rs. 1300 on Flipkart but I got it for Rs. 999 because of the deal I used. It’s expired right now but might be back, so keep a look on the Flipkart coupons section. Alternatively you could also check their Snapdeal coupons as the mouse is usually available on both stores. If you are beginning your journey through taking gaming more seriously and need to test the waters before going all out on stuff like Steelseries and Razer, this is the perfect mouse for you.

Picture Gallery

Photography Credits : Yuvraj Singh

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  • And you own a steel series mouse pad too thats awesome 😀
    I also have logitech g400s but thats usually used for low gfx counter strike 1.6 not csgo.
    And do add me on steam
    ID: k4ye
    Nick: HyBriDiseD OrBiTaL

    • Hi Sachiin, I used to go for 1 sensitivity and 1600 DPI with Raw Input off and Acceleration off. Now I use 800 DPI, you’ll have to move the mouse a lot but it will give you better precision. 🙂

      • hi bro, do u know a way for which i can assign the green button on the mouse to jump continuously while holding the key? (when i assign the key “i” to tht green button (7) and also the jump to i key (bind i +jump) it only jumps once and i have to spam it to continuously jump :/ btw, im trying to bhop and it will alot of a help if u culd tell me a way to assign a macro to a keyboard key usable on the mouse 🙂

  • Is this Mouse Durable?
    Because some of my gamers friends say that this mouse won’t last more than 8-10 months, and also this mouse is good in appearance only, in performance wise this is unworthy.
    Is it so? Please be honest.

    And also is this mouse good for playing FPS games likes CS 1.6? And what about it’s response rate in s, or if it get lagged?

    Does the mouse mat provided with the mouse is good for game, or I will have to buy another one with it, is so please which one should I opt for?

    Try to Reply ASAP.

    • Hi Animesh, I’ve spent about half a year with this mouse without any errors in durability. Performance is in my opinion, the best you’ll get for this price. It’s obviously not comparable to things like Hyperion Fury but it’s good given it’s only a thousand bucks. I play CS:GO and I’ve had no issues so far so it’s decent for FPS games. There’s no lag whatsoever. The mat isn’t what you’d expect from a gaming mat and you’d be better off getting a QCK or some other mouse mat. Hope this helped you.

    • Its a pretty decent mouse !
      I m on LEM…n i use the dragon war mousepad…..seems legit to me!
      n no durability prob…

  • Hey iv’e recently bought the mouse and every time i try to change the lights the program sort of freezes and doesn’t make any change to the mouse whatsoever. Please help.

      • I have the same problem, have reinstalled the driver countless times, sometimes it doesn’t freeze, but never does it apply made changes, or at least not in the lights

  • Hey, is it not possible to record mouse clicks in the macro creation?
    Also the turbo fire button works just as same as left click for me, no difference. Any idea why?

    • Hi Akhil. Thanks for reading and reaching out. I am unaware about your first question. About your second question, I’ve already mentioned it’s a hit-or-miss situation when using the Turbo Fire button. It works on a whim and there is no guarantee that it’ll work the same each time.

  • Hi Deepansh,

    I bought this mouse from Shopclues and received the delivery just now [http://www.shopclues.com/dragonwar-g9-thor-gaming-mouse.html]. I primarily play Dota2. Can you suggest some tips for DPI settings etc. Really new to professional gaming mice. Been using normal Microsoft mouse that I flicked from the computer lab since time immemorial. Also any other suggestions regarding gaming mice.


    • Hi Sarthak,
      I am not a huge Dota player but as Dota is a MOBA, you’ll want to keep the DPI toward a comfortable 800-1600 range. That’s my opinion. I am also not that versed with gaming mice so I don’t have a lot to offer here. I hope this helped, even if barely.

        • The four default DPI settings are 800, 1600, 2400 and 3200. DPI is basically how sensitive the mouse is to movement; greater the number, greater the sensitivity. You can change the default DPI settings using the application provided in-box. However, as Dota 2 is a MOBA, you don’t want anything less than 800. For FPS games like CS:GO, lesser DPI is usually preferred for pin-point accuracy but in my opinion, you’ll want your mouse to move faster in a MOBA. Experiment with the settings and see which one suits your gameplay. I think 1600 would be perfect for Dota 2.

  • Few pointers –
    Razer deathadder is not the benchmark of gaming mice
    People are better off buying a Logitech G300 than this crap, it is available at the same price
    Idiots like you give Indians a bad name, no wonder the gaming scene of India is so lousy, the gamers are misers in terms of money and knowledge

    • Hi Rajesh

      Thank you for reading and commenting. While I do agree that the Razer Deathadder is not the benchmark for gaming, it is pretty much the benchmark for remotely affordable gaming mice for people who are beginning to move from casual to more serious gaming.

      Also, buying a Logitech G300 or the Dragonwar Thor is a matter of preference. Actually, choice of mice is completely a matter of preference and my sincere apologies for reviewing the mouse that I had with me.

      About your last remark about the gaming scene in India. One, not everyone is privileged enough to invest on gaming hardware. Step out of your room and down from your high horse and you’ll see most kids want to game but can’t afford a decent rig and on that note, you or any other wretched self-righteous jerk has no right to tell someone how to game correctly. It’s a hobby to some. A passion to others. Enjoy your gaming. The Dragonwar Thor works for almost everyone who barely has cash to invest on a ‘gaming peripherel’ and even so, if a thousand people are happy with the money they’ve spent, what the hell is your problem anyway?

      Get a life, dude.

  • Dude I just typed in google for G9 dragon war review and was amazed to see your site at the top ……………Good job bro

  • Hey bro ! Today I ordered dragon war G9 for CS GO . Thanks for reviewing it. Can u add me on steam : tauk007

  • Thanks a lot for you review brother. This is exactly what I was looking for. I am also an avid gamer. I’m primarily looking for a good mouse to play FPS games, especially CS:GO. I might invest in a Logitech or a Steelseries in the future, but for now I’m looking for a budget mouse. And this is what I squared on, I might check this one out, thanks to your review.

  • First off, a very nice review.I couldn’t agree more.

    The turbo fire button doesn’t seem to work in CS:1.6, however it works on other FPS’s i’ve tried. Is this happening because of the game or is it a driver error? any help is appreciated…

    • Hey Aman

      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting. I’m not sure about 1.6, the game is pretty old itself. Maybe there’s a set limit to the number of inputs it can take per second or something like that. It’s all speculation by my side but I think if it doesn’t specifically work on 1.6 then something about it’s age might be in play.

      Still, I’d like to know if you’ve installed the DragonWar driver that’s included in-the-box?

      Let me know.

  • Thanks for the review. It helped me a lot. Just placed an order in snapdeal for this mouse which costs 999. Just had one question to be clarified. I am a graphic designer and works a lot with photoshop and illustrator. Does this mouse works fine with me? Does this mouse feels comfortable for working long hours? please reply

  • Hey brother, I am planning to buy this but I am not sure about the warranty provided- 6 months or 12 months. Some reviews say 6 months while in flipkart it shows 1 year warranty. What is the actual warranty period? How many different led colours does it provide.? How many buttons actually exists.? I found different details wherever I looked for. Is it better than Zebronics Fury ? Please be honest and tell me in detail about the buttons at least because I can’t see more than 7 while you say there are 9 programmable buttons. Hoping your answers soon.

    • Hey brother, as per Flipkart the warranty is 1 year. I do not know why reviewers claim it as 6 months. There are 6 LED colours to choose from or for the shuffle mode. As per the mappable buttons, it is 7 + 2 as Scroll Up and Scroll Down are mappable actions therefore are referred to as mappable buttons. Hope this helps.

  • do you have any idea why in macro manager i cant record the left button or the right button? the key combination only works for keyboard but not for the mouse like right click or left click, i want to quick scope for fps

    nice review btw

  • So I just ordered this mouse from amazon after reading the reviews mentioned.Few people mentioned it stopped working in month and some are using it for years. so its all about your luck also. I have heard that the mouse has very low IPS (inches per second) So if you move your mouse very rapidly along the surface for a long distance the cursor moves weirdly and stutters. Please do check this and confirm it for me other wise i might as well cancel it and go for logitech g300.
    BTW nice review

    • Hi Rohan, I tried the steps you mentioned and you’re right, it does show a little stutter. The mouse as I said, is good for if you’re testing the waters. If you’re knowledgeable enough, going for another mouse from Logitech, Razer, Steelseries would be better. Thanks for reading and helping out.

      • Ya I recieved the Mouse very next day. The mouse is very good and I also found out the reason why the Turbo fire button some times works and some times does not. The main problem is that the turbo fire button clicks about 70-80 clicks a second, which is very fast even for the game to take input. So it stutters. Also i found many bugs in the software like macros cant be kept on repeat mode and it also does not register clicks in macros. So i have kept the mouse on refund thanks to amazons policy and am saving up to buy the logitech g402. Fell in love with this mouse <3 .

        • Awesome. I’m glad you liked the mouse like all of us. I understand, the game would obviously have problems registering so many inputs. Thanks for the insight. Have fun and happy gaming!

  • Hey bro.you gave a nice explanation about the dragonwar thor mouse. I want to buy a gaming mouse mainly for fps games like cs go and battlefield 4 . i am a bit confused between logitech g402 and dragonwar thor while the g402 is around 2200₹ and dragon war around 1000₹. I liked the dragonwar but i found many negative reviews about how the mouse stooped working in about 7-8 months i would be thankful if you can assist me in choosing the gaming mouse .

    • Hi, if budget is your constraint, it’s better to go for the Dragon War. It’s been over a year and my unit works fine. If budget isn’t much of an issue, go with the Logitech G402. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Abhishek I too had Purchased the dragon war Thor gaming mouse and had it for a few days . Although i found negative reviews through the internet about the mouse stooped working after a few days. Also the Macros and other software is hell lot buggy and is never reliable. So Thanks to amazons return Policy i was to refund it on amazon and then i Bought the Logitech g402 Hyperion fury . And i feel that is the best decision i made. the Mouse is built great with awesome software and has a lot of features too

  • Been Trying to use The Macro function on this mouse , It spams they keys fine but then u need to click on the keys and it stops the macro keys .

    Cant figure out how to insert clicks in the macros

  • Hey thanks for the helpful review…there’s one thing i’d like help with..since i saw you adding a lot of people adding you on steam here’s my ID: DealerNextDoor

    Thanks in advance!

  • Nice Review bro.Although I have heard Dragon war to be much less durable in terms of reliability with issues popping out within months of usage.Also these mouses even though has 3200dpi uses much age old sensors that can’t cope up with the DPI.When it comes to Mouse DPI doesn’t matter.What matters is How Well the sensor pinpoints its precise location in terms of low CPI.
    Its like Megapixel in Smartphone cameras,iPhone is 8Mp since 4s but few can match its Camera Quality,since Apple creates best Sensors and lens.
    Like wise when it comes to Mouse these low cost cheap brands can’t match the built quality of a good one.Most are gimmicks, although dragon war did bring up new possibility for gamers in India.
    But I don’t recommend the Dragon War g9…its price is ₹1300,with a discount in amazon at ₹1000,the warranty can’t be claimed since its not established in India.
    Its a risk putting aside ₹1000 alongside for this mouse,at least put ₹1300 for Dragon War g12 at amazon.
    But its the people who took risks have succeeded at all.
    Its the same situation when I invested ₹8999 on Coolpad Note 3 when it was launched. But it was a risk worth every ₹ .
    Its a great phone!
    Peace out!

    Jai Hind!

    • Hi Aaron, I get your point totally and that is why I reviewed this mouse. The video you linked to explains it best. These mice are for either if you are not as avid as a gamer to justify the expensive purchase or if you want a backup throwaway mouse. These mice do have issues and that is evident but the Thor is still worth it if someone wants to test the waters. I haven’t had the chance to see the G12 but I agree with you on that. If the price difference seems negligible, the G12 is a better option.

  • I brought dragon war g9 today but it’s not connecting to my lappi. I installed driver which were in the cd-drive but nothing happening to the mouse. Please help

  • turbo fire button not working all the time on cs1.6 as well as CS GO is ok??
    i just got it. and was surprised/shocked to see that.
    although in Sleeping Dogs the pistol went firing like a smg lol.
    does it mean the mouse isnt defected ? is it how it works? should i go for replacement?
    no others problem just this turbo fire worry.

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