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The Big Indian Dream : Entrepreneurs, Social Media And Virtual Success


The Big Indian Dream : Entrepreneurs, Social Media And Virtual Success

Have you ever heard the phrase, the great American dream? Obviously you have if you watch a lot of Hollywood shows and movies but a new dream is on the market the new Indian Dream. What is it basically? It is the idea of success and the great lifestyle just like the American dream with only one big difference, it’s all virtual here.

So, it all began when a teenage ethical hacker was called by a secret agency in the US to help them intercept and decode messages for a terrorist attack. This awesome teenager was Ankit Fadia who has been mocked and mocked by hackers as well as journalists but still that blatant wretch calls him an ethical hacker, successful and a best-selling author.

This was becoming the new idea of success but who knew that this was a very contagious ideology. I look around me now and everyone is an Entrepreneur. They have million dollar businesses which are apparently being run by just a website and a Facebook page. These new breed of entrepreneurs are not only virtual but also to a certain extent they spoil the youth that is yet to enter reality. Why? Because every person who has fucked their life up but are content to themselves no matter what the society (or their own parents say) is an entrepreneur and a successful person. Now I’m the last person who would argue for following the system of education and stuff but there are limits and in this case the limit has not just been crossed but people have ran a whole marathon starting from that limit.

These people have not achieved any real success after wasting about 10 years of their lives after school and college. They have not done anything which makes me or anyone else want to idolize them. The only accomplished achievements that can be pinned to their shirts is that they live the lifestyle that is believed to be that of cool American hipster by the common-folk of India and that they interact on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media a lot. Basically, there started a virtual world with the advent of Social Media and these entrepreneurs and successful people are at the apex of that virtual world.

As I told above it kind of started with Ankit Fadia who dressed like a hipster in his hoodie and rugged jeans, holding a laptop kept on lying to the world (and apparently himself) that he is successful and ultimately after a year or so, the world believed all of his nonsensical claims and he was appreciated for his apparent effort and success by everyone. He was made the cover of hacking by MTV which was like the cherry on the cake. Only the cherry was rotten and the cake overcooked but the world or at least that 80% population who never check for facts ate it whole-heartedly because they were told again and again from all channels of media around them that it was the best cake ever. He even has a trademark on his name :O according to the title bar of his official website.

Then a few years later came Varun Agarwal who is another specimen of this young, virtually successful band of hipsters. This person in his own talk (he even gets to do talks, OMG he’s so inspiring) mentioned that he had flunked in a subject while he was doing his engineering which hit him so hard that he decided to take up the view that the system can do nothing for him because it was limited. So at 22, he entered movie-making because that was his dream. Then he extended his limits and became an Entrepreneur who prints T-shirts, Hoodies and Accessories for schools and colleges with a brand called Alma Mater. Now, I am in no way saying that this is wrong but the way he blatantly claims that it was his dream is wrong. Then he wrote a book titled, How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company because apparently writing was his dream too.

What is my analysis so far? Nothing was his dream. This guy just kept doing things as they emerged. Movie-making by the youth reached its apex in 2008. In 2009 the new entrepreneurial wave happened and now that every successful person was writing a book, he wrote a book too. So, when did he exactly follow the dream of his lifetime and how many of these dreams can a person actually have? He claims to have severed himself from the trend but then he was the only one who studied it and followed it thoroughly. What is a million dollar company anyway? If we take the dollar at Rs. 60/USD then 1 million times Rs. 60 is Rs. 60 million which is about Rs. 6 crores. The people who work day and night in the so-called small (but real) businesses in Delhi or any Metro for that matter have businesses about 10 times of that. Also, what evidence does he use to support his claims for Alma Mater being a company worth even 6 crores? No evidence. But people still believe him. I did in the beginning.

So, these are just two examples of this new Indian Dream of Virtual Success being promoted by the virtual entrepreneurs themselves, Social Media, the websites which interview these people and youth which is obsessed with the wrong definition of the American lifestyle. There are countless other members of this union of young entrepreneurs who ask people to write wiki pages for them because apparently, everything that’s on Wikipedia is to be believed.

My brother and I like to sum this fiasco up in just one statement,

“Keep feeding a lie to the people for days, months or years and they will eventually start believing it as the truth.”

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Learning through experience and error

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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