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Breast Cancer Awareness : No One Is Going Anywhere For No Days!


Breast Cancer Awareness : No One Is Going Anywhere For No Days!

Have you read the ‘I’m going to the Dominican Republic for 25 Days’ or similar posts? I’m sure you have because that’s what every girl in your friends list is doing and you have no clue about what the hell is this. I had the same thing though for a minute or two I thought that the ticket prices went down to half but then Google helped me out, I searched about this and the worthwhile search led me to a Facebook Post itself. (Below)

The Truth : No One Is Going Nowhere For No Days
The Truth : No One Is Going Nowhere For No Days (Click Image or Here to View Larger)

What the image says, in short words is that the place corresponds to a month and the number of weeks/days is the date so it’s actually a girl’s Date of Birth and that this ‘I’m going to _____ for __ days’ is one of many ‘games’ that happen each year for Breast Cancer awareness. Yes, you read that right and if you are sane you made the despise expression because this is just utterly DUMB!

Okay, so girls need to know about Breast Cancer and the thing is, this is a good thing but how do you plan to create awareness about a deadly issue? With a ‘game’. Bravo!

How do you make people aware without a single word related to it in the post. How much aware does ‘I am going to Amsterdam for 25 Weeks/Days’ make any girl or women about breast cancer? Also, why keep the men guessing, it’s a disease not your friend’s marriage ceremony games that you would love to keep them guessing.

Why do something utterly senseless and then say it’s for a good cause. Instead of sharing these updates like brainless zombies you could have actually shared a poster with ‘Facts’ about Breast Cancer but no, why do that? You will invent a dumb game like you invented the ‘color of your bra as your status update’ game last year and other dumb games years before.

Why keep the darker sex hidden from the issue, so you have a father, brother, boyfriend etc. and you won’t let them get aware about a disease you could probably have as well? What I clearly say is that I live in ‘A World of Retards’ because retard is what this so-called ‘Awareness Campaign’ is.

Can girls be serious about anything? I mean according to my experience with my mother, cousins (sisters), friends (girls) I have always noticed one thing, women cannot understand serious matters of income, finance but when they start acting like this for a disease that happens to them, well I don’t even need to say something now, do I?

Weird, is the perfect word for this erratic behaviour. Instead of boycotting such senseless activities they are being promoted. The fairer sex should get some sense and maybe actually spread some awareness, that would be better for humanity.

Awareness about issues like Breast Cancer, AIDS, World Poverty, Population should be propagated in the way (yes I said ‘the’ way because it has just one single way) where people are actually gaining some awareness not with half of the Earth’s population wondering ‘Hey, what the f*** is this?’ and the others giggling over some petty game which makes them happy for a day or two and then they forget the reason behind.

Here is an example of a similar thing, have you sang ‘Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses’, I’m sure you have.

Here is what you must have sung, right?


Pocket full of Posies,

Hush! Hush!

We all fall down.

Did you know that this is based on and pretty much describes the Great Italian Plague (when 1000s of people died of Plague) and over the years suffered variation and now is a stupid nursery rhyme?

The real version which was misinterpreted was,

Ring-a-round the rosie,

A pocket full of posies,

Ashes! Ashes!

We all fall down.

What I wanted to illustrate through this example is that people don’t understand the dynamics and depth of a topic or theme if it is portrayed in a childish manner, so Grow up, Man up and Fight with a disease like Normal People Do!

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  • The rhyme originated in England during the Great Plague,also known as Black Death, not the “Great Italian Plague”. I am sorry to be the one to inform you about this but you are sexist. I am only 16 years old and am still learning about national income and finance but I know many women who are knowledgeable about these topics. My economics and accounts teachers are women. The women in your life might do dumb things but this does not give you the right to judge women and label all of them as stupid and childish.

    • Well Excuse Me? I labelled the women who follow customs such as the Breast Cancer Awareness games as ‘Dumb’ not every woman out there. Also, if a male tells females about their activities being dumb he becomes sexist? What about each woman labelling each man as a pervert and a bastard just because one pervert rapes someone? Aren’t women doing the same thing then. I know you are surrounded by many educated womenfolk and so am I and none of them except some dumb 12 years old followed this campaign thus, congratulations you just proved yourself as a judgemental young lady. I’m 16 years old too and The Black Death happened in Europe and included a great part of Italy thus also being referred to as the Great Italian Plague. Check your facts first and then get angry about me being sexist. Also, the article isn’t about all woman, its about women following weird customs to promote things so serious as Breast Cancer Awareness. Tell me, do you find it ‘helpful’ for the awareness campaign to become aware about a fatal disease, if yes? Then I’m sorry call me sexist or anything else, I would just refer myself to be a sane person who does not weigh everything in the scales of sexism, checks his facts and well, gets angry if the society becomes dumb and dumber day by day. Thank you for commenting.

      • You said women cannot understand serious matters such as income and finance and the plague known as Italian plague occurred before the Britain one. Im sorry if I offended you. I just read my comment and it was a little harsh. I was just trying to say that not all women are mentally incompetent . For the record, I agree with you. The whats app campaign is quite silly and useless.

        • Well, I won’t lie it was offending but at the same time, I accept that my statement was misguided. Thank you for pointing that out. With that agreement, I hope that I didn’t go too far on that comment too. So, moving the feud behind, thank you for commenting Vaishnavi. Hope to see you visiting again. 🙂

Learning through experience and error

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Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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