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6 Things To Do And Not To Do When You Are Irritated Or Frustrated


6 Things To Do And Not To Do When You Are Irritated Or Frustrated

Have you ever been so irritated or frustrated that you felt like stabbing someone to death? If someone would have ever asked me that question they would never have gotten No as an answer. I feel irritated or frustrated almost all the time. Maybe two to three times I’ve experienced what a layman would call Panic Attacks because I was irritated. This same irritation, at times, had me convinced that I suffer from ADHD, Bipolar or some other psychological disorder. But this article isn’t about any of that shit, its more about what to do and what not when you are irritated. Beating a Pillow, Counting to 10, Taking Deep Breaths are Old School now, try the following the next time.

UPDATE (07/06/2017): I wrote an update to this post where I tried to give just one reason on how to not feel irritated and frustrated. I recommend checking that out as well while you’re at it.

What To Do

1. Curse As Much As You Can

Curse God, that helps but not if you are an atheist like me. Then you need to have a more intelligent approach in cursing someone, try finding people like Hitler, Napoleon from your history book and curse them or start sympathizing with their mindsets and curse the rest of the world. This method has helped me many times, examples of which can be found almost anywhere in my blog archives.

2. Devote Your Complete Self To Something, A Game Perhaps

Have you played Temple Run? I have achieved marvellous scores when I played during the times of being irritated or frustrated. I got 20 Million once, screenshot below. Do you have a broken object you wanted to fix since a long time? Yes? Then the times of irritation may be the best to fix it. You have lots of anger and rage now and the container is overflowing with it, so (303) Redirect it to something which requires more of your attention than the petty issue which irritated you.

Temple Run 20 Million Score
Temple Run – 20 Million Score

3. Eat – Sleep – Become Snorlax

Feeling irritated, go open the fridge door and then gobble up as much as you can. Eat like a caveman. There’s a pack of biscuits there? No, it isn’t anymore. 😛 Drink a little of Cola. Nah! Kidding, drink a lot of it. Eating helps you forget things, so after munching away a kilo or two you won’t even remember what you are irritated about. So, it’s a win-win, ain’t it?

Yes, that’s who Snorlax is if you didn’t know that.

What comes after you are tired? Sleep.

What comes after you have eaten alot? Sleep.

What comes after you are tired from eating alot? Sleep!!

Switch of the lights, close your room, switch off your phone (I know you won’t do that, I don’t do it either but what’s in saying 😛 ) and take a nap for an hour or two. Wake up refreshed and you would have no clue that you were even irritated unless you see an irritating text on your phone but well that’s a different story.

4. Watch Funny Youtube Videos Or Read Facebook Updates

Not Gangnam Style, No! If you call Gangnam Style funny you need to go  —> Here <—

To the point now, Google ‘funny videos’ and find some, laugh but at good humour, not at any worthless shit that the Earth is laughing on or find your Facebook Friends’ status updates you will find many 10-year olds crying about their life being hell because their heart got broken, laugh on those. They are funny. This is the internet, you WILL find amazing things. The possibilities are endless.

What Not To Do

1. Don’t Discuss The Reasons Of Your Irritation With Anyone

Everybody’s perspective is different and when you are irritated or frustrated about something you won’t get any peace discussing it with someone. They would rather call you weird because according to them, ‘It was such a normal thing’. So, never ever talk to someone about the exact reason just tell them that you are irritated and do some activity, anything, play a game perhaps. Its better than ‘The Talk’.

2. Never Try Keeping A Journal

Have you ever read those self improvement books which say that you should keep a Journal to list times and reasons of your irritation? Never do that. Never ever. There are basically two very good reasons for that. One, you are lazy, every human is, you won’t be able to keep it in your busy daily routine. If you have kept it for more than 6 days, congratulations mate, you just surpassed average human behaviour. Reason number two, the analysis that is meant to happen when you have a Journal does not happen at all. Rather, when you read it you start to realize or at least get that realization that how worthless and sulky of an old timer are you, which would hurt your self esteem really bad. Don’t do it. Nada. 🙂

So, next time you are irritated keep these points in mind and don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. The world sucks right? Oops! I cursed again, maybe I’m just irritated or frustrated. 🙂

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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