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A Rough Dog Fight And The Usual Aftermath


A Rough Dog Fight And The Usual Aftermath

I won’t give the ‘I’m starting blogging again’ speech this time because I say that in every single post. This is because I take too much time in between posts. But that is not my fault, actually it is. I don’t manage stuff and things at hand and also, maybe I’m the laziest person on Earth but now, I have a routine. A new blog post every Sunday. 🙂

Dog fights have been a source of entertainment for many; atleast that is what I have noticed twice, once earlier and once today. When two dogs are fighting with each other with the intention to kill, people are just standing and laughing or maybe standing with the huge grin predicting the results in their ugly head. But that wasn’t my situation today when I woke up with my dad shouting, mom running and my dog growling, a fight was about to start. A fight similar to the one which took place months ago when my neighbour’s dog, a Labrador Retriever and my dog, a Mixed Breed fought each other so ruthlessly that wherever they bit each other, it started to bleed. A fight so intense that over 10 people were needed to separate the two poor souls. A fight that none of us thought and made sure of, would be repeated ever…

But it did repeat itself today. It was a fine Sunday morning and I woke up with my daily alarm and slept again after I realized its a Sunday, the ultimate Save Point of our (Students’) everyday lives. I woke up with the sounds I mentioned a few lines back. I went out, a vest and a 3/4th was what I was wearing at the time. Didn’t care, didn’t realize. I moved pushing through the curtain and saw the most horrifying sight a dog owner can see. My dog was standing against his rival (The Labrador) again, after so many months of preventing the collision, the bodies came in contact. They were moving in a circle, like the twins of Gemini, like the Yin and the Yang and surrounding them were half a dozen group of people, helpless people and before anyone of us knew, the Labrador jumped onto my dog, his ear crunched between the beast’s jaws. His ear, as we could see – had begun to bleed. The beast grabbed my dog and all we could do was shout and scream but he was not going to leave him.

Thanks to my dog’s, ‘Local’ nature as some may put it, he knew the perfect counter for this never-ending grab. He grabbed the other’s ear and pulled it through his teeth, first I wanted to cheer but then I realized the situation and started to separate the two of them. The owner of the other dog threw stones at our’s and we did the opposite, basic human nature I guess, we never want to hurt the ones dear to us, even though they may be at fault or it may be for their own good. We tried everything, I threw buckets of water with no avail of even a centimeter gap between the two, who had already started to chew each other off. The Labrador left the ear, “Alas!” I thought. But then, he grabbed on to my dog’s forehead which was a hold so tight that it took four bricks and a continuous pull from the tail to finally get a hold of the two. Those 15-20 Minutes felt like the longest ‘few minutes’ of my life.

After a few hours of pampering and trying to feed the cutest thing alive, we found out that my dog’s forehead was pierced to an extent that it bled spoonfuls even when we were just trying to locate the spot. The little guy is almost alright now and their dog will get stitches tomorrow. But next time a fight like this happens, Nothing – I just hope it doesn’t. The very idea of losing your dog when you are trying to break the dog fight up can petrify you and someone who is not just a dog but a brother, well I can’t lose that guy to some silly dog fight, can I?

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Learning through experience and error

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Deepansh Khurana

Blogger and writer from Dehradun, India. I'd say I love coffee but don't we all? I find stories, people and experiences. I blog about them.


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