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WhatsApp : A Potential Weapon For Stalkers?


WhatsApp : A Potential Weapon For Stalkers?

WhatsApp . Everybody knows what it is. A messenger for some, lifesaver for others. An app which always comes to rescue when you run out the generic balance in your cell phone. But here is what my brother and I found out a few days ago. A flaw in the very ‘lifesaver’. Yes, as the title suggests, WhatsApp is a potential weapon for people who want to stalk you, penetrate your life. But this isn’t because of what WhatsApp does or is made for. It is because of the misunderstanding in people’s mind for WhatsApp being a social network. It isn’t. Its an Instant Messenger (IM).

Misconception 1 : Status.

The ‘status’ on WhatsApp was never meant to be your musings or whats up with you or your life. It was if you were available to chat or not. That is why there were templates (Available, Busy, Can’t talk WhatsApp Only etc.) but people have started to use the ‘Status’ as they would in Facebook but please realize that this is not the case. Your WhatsApp status only suggests people if they can send you a message or not. Nothing more.

Misconception 2 : People You Don’t Know Cannot See You On WhatsApp.

Being an IM, WhatsApp pulls all the people from the contact list and tells you if they are on WhatsApp or not. So, for example. You don’t have my number but I somehow managed to get hold of yours. Then what? I can actually get a hint about your life because of your periodic ‘Status Updates’. Also, weekly I get a photo of you too, without you even knowing it. You can never know that I have you on my WhatsApp list until I send you a message. Then, you can ‘Add’ me or ‘Block’ me but what if I don’t. You have no clue that I have already started to penetrate your life a little.

So, make sure you don’t get stalked unknowingly. WhatsApp carefully. Use features with a little more sense and also, who am I to say all this? Its your smartphone and your life. Do whatever you want. Ciao! 🙂

UPDATE (25/02/2014) 

After version 2.11.169 on Android, Whatsapp has introduced a Privacy menu under Account option in Settings where in you can select the following concerns for privacy,

  • Last Seen
  • Profile Photo
  • Status

Each of these have the following options,

  • Everyone
  • My Contacts
  • Nobody

This does not guarantee NO Stalking but it sure gives you more control over your Whatsapp account, so make sure you use these perfectly and keep yourself away from Stalkers.

Be Safe!

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  • You Are absolutely right Mr. Deepansh, I recently discovered that some is secretly watching me and printing off my pictures off Whatsapp, it is annoying and very disruptful as I can’t block her because I do not have her number. I am trying to see if there is a way for Whatsapp to do something about this.

    • That is really sad Ken, as I’ve already said in the post if you are being watched there is no actual way to stop the stalking on Whatsapp until you get hold of the number. Until then, the user is unable to do anything. There is an Indian alternative called Hike which enables ‘Circle of Friends’ with this a user can select which friends get to see the Display Picture and Status on the messenger. Whatsapp should enable something similar. I hope you do find a way to stop the stalking. All that I can do is wish you best of luck. Be safe. 🙂

  • I have a question. How can someone that i don’t know talk to me on whatsapp? I received a message from someone i don’t know!

    • Hello Malaïka, Whatsapp has this functionality. Someone you do not know can send you a message, you can then choose to add or block the person. So, someone Can send you a message even if you don’t know them and they have your number. I hope that cleared that. 🙂

  • Never thought of status message on whatsapp may open up your life to strangers.Nice article Deepansh.

  • I’be just recently discovered that someone can see my pictures and status updates without me knowing it. It’s really annoying and I hope they sort this out somehow.

  • I actually have a question. I happened to find your article very interesting. My question is: if someone I don’t have in my contact list sends me a message through WhatsApp, and I get the option to Block or Add, but I do neither, can they see my “Last seen” ? I didn’t know that they could see my photo and status without me needing to add them, but is the last seen more private at least?

    Thank you very much.

    • Hello Kristin, thank you for commenting and yes, they can indeed see the last seen until you have an iPhone where the Whatsapp app has a feature to hide the Last Seen from everyone. Otherwise, the last seen is pretty much visible. Hope this helped. Thank you for visiting The Polymath.

    • As Mr Deepansh already cleared in the article that, U can choose to show ur DP , Last seen & Status
      Set as : Can be seen only to Contacts.
      Its actually should be this way so we have a lil control on our privacy. Only people can see our details WHO WE KNOW !

  • Hello Deepansh,
    I am new to whatsapp and I am confused now. So if I have someone’s number and add that to my contact list they wouldn’t get any notification? I have synced my company LinkedIn contacts with my iphone, and now all those contacts are in my whatsapp, which I wasn’t expecting to happen. I am absolutely horrified now that if all of them get messages from me saying that I have added them in whatsapp, it is such a shame and negative reputation for our company, since most of them doesn’t know me personally. If whatsapp did send everyone a message I might have to send them apolpgies etc, the thought of which is mortifying. Please advise me.

    Just to add my previous comment, is there anyway I can undo what I did. I am thinking of deleting my account, would it help? Seriously I don’t want to mess around with whatsapp, So I am now googling. 🙁

    • Dear Jacob, no none of them will get notifications and that is what the article is about, this can be used for stalking. But in your case, you shouldn’t worry. No one will know until you message them. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for your comments. Its such a relief.
    Seriously this technology bitter-sweet, why would it automatically add all my contacts to whatsapp anyway? Also, the potential stalking bit, outraging isn’t it?
    Thanks again
    Keep doing what you doing its great!

  • someone blocked my from whatsapp, i cant see his profile pic and status, he’s been doing this everytime he gets mad. So deactivated my account and changed my phone number to a new one, and now i can see his profile pic and status.What happens if you deactivate your account and reactivate with a new phone number, will he still see my old whatsapp account and can send me message if he unblocks me? just wondering coz this is a constant problem with us i just changed my number added him back. addition to my question, i did not block him from my old whatsapp account, he cant send message anymore, can he?

    • Hi Lynn. Actually I can answer your query with just one answer. Your phone number is your Whatsapp Username, unlike other IMs Whatsapp uses only Phone Numbers for user IDs so if you reach with a new number, you can reach a person but your old number will still be blocked. I hope I could help. Thanks for the comment.

  • Hi deepansh, I appreciate your work and I’m a little astonished with what I read. But I have a query too and a lil different from others. My ex-gf had deleted my no. 3 years back, while I still have her no. on my phone. And very recently my whatsapp contacts showed her profile up, which means she’s on an android phone with whatsapp. But how do I know if she has me or not on her whatsapp? I can see her dp, status and last online thing. Is there any tool or a way that I can find if I am on her whatsapp contacts too?. I’m not a stalker kind, just asking as one friend of mine told me she still likes me and I’m kind of curious. So of you may help?

          • Thanks again Deepansh for the prompt reply. I guess I don’t need that tool, just came to know she got engaged to some one. Chuck this! Keep up the good work of writing brother!! I’ll frequently visit this page of yours and will bookmark it. Thanks again 🙂

          • Hi !
            A person blocked me on whatsapp several times and unblocked me. All these times I could see his profile picture but not his status. A week ago I was blockd again and I could see the profile picture for a few days, but suddenly today only the green alien showed up, not the photo. Asking other friends about this contact, he keeps the same profile pic…does this mean this person has eliminated me as a contact from his phone or is it a new whatsapp feature that does not allow blocked contacts to see the person’s profile picture?
            Thank you in advanced.

            By the Way…congratulations! I have been browsing your blog and I think you are very talented…forget what that teacher said to you then! Courage! 🙂

            • Hello

              When someone blocks you, you can see the profile picture that was last available to you i.e. before they blocked you and the picture won’t be updated even if they change it. As far as the green droid is concerned, I don’t have any knowledge about it. Hope this little knowledge helped. 🙂

              Thank you for the appreciation and for checking other articles too. What you said in the end was much appreciated and actually, kinda made my day. Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi,
    I have been reading your blog of late and very useful info. I am suspicious of a person who might be stalking . I recently added his number to my address book and could see his profile on whats app. Does it mean he can view my profile picture too? After a few days I realised he is not on whatsapp at all though his number is saved in my address book.
    Is there a way to find out who stalks you on facebook from the people you may know list?
    My doubt is , is it possible that he had been viewing my profile pics till now, and once he came to know I too have his number, deleted his account ? We haven’t messaged each other at all on Whats app or phone. I use an i phone.

    • Hello, first of all thank you for commenting. Now toward your problem, you cannot see anyone’s profile on whatsapp if they aren’t on it. Next, if A has B’s number saved, A can see B’s profile but B won’t see A’s until B adds A’s number in their address book. As of now, there is no way to find any e-stalker. What you speculated may or may not be true but you cannot get much of a confirmation about it. I hope this helps.

      • Hi Deepansh,

        Thanks for your reply. I have a problem with whats app. I saved a number on my contact list. When I opened Whatsapp there was a blank message from this contact. Though I could see his profile picture and last seen status, there was an option of Block and Add below the number ( NO EDIT ).The chat showed up as blank under the chatlist too. This has freaked me out. I know you cannot send a message without typing the text. What does this mean. Could you please help ? Does this mean I am being stalked or does this person have my number?

        • Hello Shannon

          The process of having a blank conversation is when you delete all messages in the conversation by selecting them but not delete the conversation from the chatlist, then it would appear as a blank conversation. As to why you had that would be maybe somebody used your phone to talk to that person via Whatsapp and then forgot to delete the conversation but deleted all the messages. Don’t worry the person may or may not have your number (unless you talked to them, then they would too) but they cannot induce a blank conversation so you aren’t being stalked (until, again the person has your number). My advice would be to use the Block button and add this person to your blocklist to avoid getting stalked. If the person calls you or bugs you with text messages (SMS) you could use TrueCaller or any Call Blocker to block calls & messages too. I hope this helps.

          Thank you for commenting.

          • Thanks a lot for your reply Deepansh. My doubt is still not cleared though with regards to how I got the block and add options against this person’s name. Doesn’t it mean the conversation was initiated from the other party? I am pretty sure I have not let anyone use my phone to contact him..

            • Hello again, yes the conversation must be initiated from the other party for the buttons to appear but if you reply without taking any action from Add or Block the buttons remain there until an action is taken or the conversation is deleted. Hope this helped.

  • Hi Deepansh,

    Great work and very useful article. I have one question a it seems little confusing for me. I am avoiding someone so blocked that person on watsapp .but he has other ways of contacting me like SMS or calls. After all i have decided to change my number. If i change my number on watsapp from old to new without deleting the account under the option on watsapp, will that person be able to find my new number through watsapp irrespecive of whether i hv blocked or unblocked him ???? I use samsung S series phone .

    • Hello Chhavi, actually you cannot change your number for your Whatsapp account. Each number makes a new account. So you are actually safe if you change your number, that certain someone won’t be able to contact your new number. Whatsapp, Hike etc. use your phone number as your account. I hope this helps.

      • Dear sir, sombody messaging me from using ” CHANGE NUMBER” option on whatsapp. How can i know his real no. by which he is chating with me. while his shown no. on my whatsapp is permanent switch off.
        Please e. Mail me if any solution for this.. please help me..

  • Hi!! Great article!! Just wanted to know, is there any way of knowing if I am on somebody’s contact list through Whatsapp? I have a person’s number and can see the status periodically. But, is there a way to know whether he/she has added me to his/her contact list?

    • Only thing I can say is send them a text because at this situation even though you are not intentionally doing this, but you still fall on the side of stalkers because the other person does not know yet. So send a message and let them know. Cheers!! 🙂

  • Hi I have a question.. Someone blockec me on what app and now that person has unblocekd me i can see the last seen and status but unable to c profile pic… im using iphone please help

  • Hi Deepansh,

    Nice article.
    I have question regarding this whole blocking thing. My ex blocked me 1 year ago on whtasapp. This whole time I could not see her profile pic and status. I never delted her number. And now i can see her pic and statuses. Does this mean she unblocked me ? Or she deltdeleted me from her contacts or she changed her mobile phone ?

    Thanks in advanve

    • Basically it can either mean that she deleted your contact or she unblocked you. If she changed her phone that wouldn’t really mess up her block list. So maybe you are good to go. You could try sending her a message if you like. Try it. Maybe you’re in luck and she unblocked you. 😀

  • Nice article. I have one question already asked by others. Is there any way I can get to know who has viewed my profile?
    I asked again as its been few months since someone asked and wanted to know if any app has come in between this period.
    Appreciate your response, Thank you!

  • Hi Deepansh. I have to change my number. Should i delete my account and then create my new one? Or should i use the.change my number feature in whatsapp? Would all my groups be also updated with my new number and i can chat seamlessly as before without having to bother informing each group and individual of my new number?

    • Hi Amit
      Every group will reflect your message that you have changed your number and will post the new number.

  • Hey is it possible that if you loose your old number on whatsapp and someone new has it but you change your profile number to a new one does the new person see the pics, videos, messages and everything else that was sent on that number? Or does all of that just stay on your phone and the other person phone who received all the messages and etc.?

    • Hello Serez, if you change the number make sure you use the ‘Change my Number’ or ‘Delete Account’ features as otherwise, if your number gets assigned to someone else a while later of your not using it, they can get a profile with your name and picture and use it for the not-so-good things. Pics, videos, messages are safe and won’t be shown but the groups you were in will still have the old number. Hope this helps. Thank you for reading.

    • Yes, unfortunately it is. But to get the verification code message/call they need to have access to your phone. But if you are using Whatsapp on your mobile phone already, don’t worry then because they won’t be able to make a new account. This was a loophole squashed in the recent updates. So keep the app updated, keep your phone secure and use whatsapp yourself then you are good to go. 🙂

      • Is it true that with Whatsapp new update you cannot view a friend’s profile picture unless he /she has saved your number on their contact list ? I am not able to view some profile pictures since the last 3 days 🙁

  • HI, great article, but i just need to be sure I understand. With ref to Rohit’s comment, this update is for Blackberry also? and if so, which version? So if for example, he has my number and I don’t have his, before the update he could have seen my dp, but with the update he cant? Can he see my stat? Also if he upgrades also would be able to see my dp? Or i would have to have his # saved on my phone?

    • Hello Kristin, I don’t know much about the Blackberry version because I’ve never used a Blackberry device. But I will try my best to answer your query. Please note that the Apple iOS version already had Privacy settings in the past so in that case if a person was using them then nobody could see anything without their control.

      About the Android version, before this update anyone who has your number (doesn’t matter if you have theirs) could see your Status and DP and can still do if you choose Everyone option in the settings. If the My Contacts option is used then, the person’s number should be saved in your phonebook only then can they see your details mentioned above. If you choose, Nobody then nobody except you can see anything.

      These settings are available for 3 different objects (as mentioned in the article update) these are, Last Seen, Profile Picture & Status. So you can keep different settings for different things.

      I hope this clears everything. If anything else comes up regarding this, you know where to reply. 🙂

  • Hi, I have a question. A contact blocked me a month ago, I deleted that number from my cellphone (samsung galaxy s3), the other day I open whatsapp and instead of seeing the list of my contacts I see an empty conversation window with that contact and the last time he was online, no pic or anything, and the phone number was all separated like when someone that you don’t have on you contacts write you. I added the number to my contacts and I see that I’m still blocked. What do you think that happened? maybe that person unblocked me for a briefly moment and then blocked me again? or is this an error from whatsapp?

  • If I block a peson on watsapp and he then changes his watsapp number (not account only number) does he remain blocked??

  • hi.. i have downloaded the new version from whatsapp website as u suggested above. Now what happens if i block someone and then delete his number from my contact list and chat from my whatsapp chat list?
    His number keeps appearing in my contact list {i think that is since my phone is sync with my gmail account). How to solve this? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Ankush

      Downloading from the website is no more needed as the update is in the Play Store now.

      When you block someone, go to your Contact list (Whatsapp), use the Three Dot Menu and select Refresh.

      The contacts along with the blocked ones would still be there but you will see their Name and Photograph you had saved before you blocked them. This entry would have a status ‘Tap to unblock’. The contacts stay there but cannot be opened to converse with. (Until unblocked)

  • Hi Deepansh,

    One of my contacts has been getting blank messages from me. I haven’t sent him any message and don’t even remember looking him up on whatsapp or deleting a conversation etc… Any explanation for it?

  • Does the fact that I see ‘typing’ on my contacts and yet don’t recieve a message mean that I’m being stalked?

  • i want to ask a question,A person add me in his group on whatsapp, i can see his messages in my whatsapp,but when i send message to B person who is not in group.
    my question is ,can A see this message which is i send to B ?

    • Hi Rahul. No, groups in Whatsapp are group conversations. Irrespective of group or personal conversations, A can only see messages you send to him or in a group he’s in. The messages you send to B as standalone conversations are only in the privacy of you and B.

  • Hi, i found a blank chat with my friend in the most bottom of my whatsapp, im using iphone and i closed my whatsapp without closing the chat ( i didnt send any message though) does it mean that my friend would have the blank chat too?

  • If I block a number and then change my mobile to new one with the number being the same old one. Will DAT blocked number be unblocked ? Should I block the number again on my new phone’s WhatsApp ? Or once blocked from that number is blocked forever ?

  • Who has the right or has given someone the right to control what one write on one’s status. Whilst its original intent was to indicate one’s availability for chat it does no one harm to use it creatively. Just because sms is intended for short text messages doesn’t mean it’s misconception if one sends a very long msg

    • I do agree with you but what I wanted to get at with article is that what you want to tell the world is under your control. How much of your personal life someone shares using something which wasn’t even intended for that purpose is surprisingly high. I hope that makes my point of view clearer. We are all masters of our own lives.

    • If someone has blocked you their Profile for you remains as it is, in other words, you keep seeing the profile picture and status that they had before blocking you. About leaving the status blank, no you can’t, Whatsapp doesn’t let you do that and pops up a message saying ‘Status can’t be empty’.

  • Hey, if you have someones number as a contact on whatsapp and have never messaged them, and click to send a message from their profile page to then go to the chat screen to see if they are online, AND DON’T SEND A MESSAGE do they know you went to the chat screen to check? Do they get a blank conversation even though you sent nothing and were just looking?

      • Hey that sounds great, but I have noticed a blank chat conversation in my chat list now that wasn’t there before from this person! No text just says a day (no time) theres no way they have my number as its brand new. Does it mean they have a blank conversation from me too and now have my number?

        • Hey, my question is similar to Rob’s!!
          I was just checking someone’s “last seen” :p and then I clicked “chats” icon to go back. But instead a blank convo window appeared with a time stamp of 3:43 (which was my time then) but no message was sent. Did they get a blank message from me? *oops* :/

          UPDATE on 2014/12/06 at 4:37 PM : Ohh I get it now. I tapped space bar and then clicked the chat back button (didn’t press the send button tho) so it appeared as an empty Cobb box with my timestamp

  • Please can u help me with this question. I went into chats to read my new messages and I had a blank message but the contacts profile picture there . When I pressed the blank message all that showed up was there status and the normal stuff that’s there . What I’d like to no is . Have I press somthing got that blank message to appear or has it come from that person that end

  • Please can you give me a answer on this! I went into my messages on Watsapp to open them. And I noticed a blank tex with just the persons profile. They are in my contacts so it’s not a problem but I wonderd if or how that has been done . Is it me that has pressed somthing or has it come from them. And how did that happen . It has happend twice now . And I don’t want to ask them just incase its my fault this end . And also I haven’t spoke for a while to them .

    • Hi Maria, Blank messages aren’t usually sent by anyone but there are tricks. It can never be considered for sure if the person sent you a blank message or if it was because of some bug. Just let the message be or delete the conversation if you don’t want to get in touch with them. If they wanted to talk, they’d never send a blank message anyway.

      • I HV send message to my friend on whatsapp till morning she was able too see and read my message but now she told me that she is unable to read and rply me…when she is opening my message she is unable to open my message

        • She might have blocked you by mistake. Ask her to check the Privacy section and then Blocked contacts to see whether you’re blocked or not. Alternatively, she can long press on your name in her Whatsapp contact list to Unblock.

  • If i change my number on whatsapp, will all my blocked contacts remain blocked that I had blocked under my old number? Also, if i change my number on whatsapp, can I enter any number to block that is not in my contacts list?

    • Hi, if you change your number using the in-app feature provided by Whatsapp, it transfers your whole account and thus all groups and blocked contacts stay the same as they were on the previous number. You can block people even if you don’t have their number saved but for that, they need to text you first so that you’re provided with the options which say ‘Add’ and ‘Block’. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • Hey, I’m unable to open chat wid a frnd of mine. I saved her in my contacts. Her name appears in whatsapp contacts bt i’ m unable to open her profile or send her a message. It happens only wid her no. Is der a solution for dis?

  • Hi. I had an argument with my bf and I stopped writing for a few days. I could see a couple of times when I went online that he was typing, but I have not received any messages. He typed and typed for 30 min at some point, but no message. Could it mean that maybe it was just an unsent message that he had there and showed up as “typing” but he was not actually typing? Typing for 30 min and then changing his mind and not sending me the message seems weird. Thanks.

    • Hi Simona. Yes, it could mean that he had an unsent message there for 30 minutes and erased it later without sending it. He must’ve changed his mind. A lot of guys do this, type a message and weigh whether it’s worth sending or not. Or sometimes we just forget. We’re dumb that way. Then later we erase it because no point of sending it after so much wait. Don’t read so much into his status. It’s probably nothing. Try talking to him if your argument isn’t sorted yet. Take care 🙂

  • Hi 🙂 with some contacts I noticed that they appear as blank chats. One time a person who just checked me out (a fr) appeared like that. Does it mean that blank chat with some contact indicates that they may have checked you out?

    • A blank chat shouldn’t indicate that they checked your profile in any way. More info would be required as to the phone models, OS, OS version and other details. You could also write to Whatsapp support. 🙂

  • Hi Deepansh, thanks for the informative blog! I have a couple of questions about Whatsapp and wondered if you could help!
    i) When I open the app to write to someone, I often get a message almost straight away from someone else. How did they know I have opened the app? Do they get a notification, or are they constantly checking my “last seen” status?
    ii) The “last seen” is only updated when I open the app, right? Not when I unlock my phone after seeing a new message on the lock screen?

    • Hi Hthrimony

      Thank you for the appreciation, to answer your questions,

      i) If you get a message as soon as you open the app, it’s either because your phone cuts off data access to the app in the background and that as soon as you open the app, you get all the messages that were waiting on the server or it can be that the person was checking your ‘last seen’ constantly in which case you’re being soft-stalked

      ii) The Last seen is updated whenever you open the app or a message notification directly. As long as you don’t open Whatsapp in any way, your last seen will reflect the time you last had the app open. You can do whatever you want on your phone without the last seen being changed if you don’t open the App.

      Hope that clears it! Have a nice day.

  • Hi Deepansh,

    I sent a Whatssapp message to a friend who i did not realise has changed her phone handset and phone number. The message went through to her new contact number which I do not have. Now she says that I am stalking her and that I have used ways to get her new number. I assure you that I do not have her new number.
    How is it possible that my whatsapp message got onto her SIM number profile??

    • Hi Yugan, she must have used the change my number Whatsapp feature where only the linked Whatsapp account is migrated from a number to other so you must’ve sent her the message on her old number but it got sent to her new one because she used that feature instead of just creating a new Whatsapp account. That’s my guess at least.

  • Hi Deepansh,

    If a blank chat from one of my contacts appears in my chat list, is that any indication of an action on their end?

    Normally, (I’m using iOS) chats only appear when either I or the contact actually send a message.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Jay

      Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with how the app functions on iOS but I would still go ahead and say it might be bug. Blank messages could be sent at one time but it isn’t possible any more. I think it’s a bug on your phone’s end.

      Hope this helps.

  • Hello there
    I have a doubt
    I think a person has deleted me, since I cannot see his picture anymore, only status. But I can see him online and typing too when we talk. Does it mean he still has me on his list, but maybe deleted his picture or being able to see him online and “typing” doesnt mean anything? Thank you a lot 🙂

    • Hi there, if you don’t see his picture it can indicate two things, he either has the Profile Picture privacy on ‘Me Only’ or that he may have removed his photo altogether. Hope this helps.

  • A friend on whatsapp sees a strange name appearing in our group chat on whatsapp, none of us have this person as a contact and they are not in the group? It’s really strange what do you think is happening? Is it a bug or is he hacked or something?

      • Thanks for replying Deepansh, none of us can do anything as this strange ‘name’ isn’t in the group, the admin says there’s only the correct people listed. We dont all see the random text just one member keeps randomly seeing strange stuff when posting a message. I wondered if their phone could be infected or have you ever heard of similar happening to anyone?

        • Hi Gary, if it just happens on one phone, I recommend you ask them to reinstall Whatsapp. There might be some issue or modification of the app on their phone. Have they ever used some kind of Whatsapp modifier like Whatsapp+ or Whatsapp MD?

  • Hey i have a question. I was looking someones last seen we didn’t talk so there wasn’t any chat page on my chat section he had my number and i have his bur when i went back to chat menu suddenly a blank chat page of him appeared what does it even mean i didnt send him any messages

      • But can they see or will they be notified of the blank chat? Will a blank chat be in their chats as well or will they not be notified by this?

  • Hi! Just want to ask, if you are in a Whatsapp group chat and if one of the members sent a message will it also affect the last seen of all the members? Because when I asked a friend of mine why his last seen today kept on updating when in fact we’re not texting and he said he was not using his phone. According to him, he has a lot of chat groups that’s why his last seen kept on updating. Please help. Thanks.

  • Hi Deepansh,

    I have a question. I have an acquaintance on Whatsapp as a result of having their phone number in my contact list. I was clearing out my Whatsapp contacts when I saw they had a new photo (their pet dog) so I went into the contacts and clicked the photo. I then went back to my contact list to tidy it up and thought nothing more of it.

    A few weeks later (I don’t know when) in my Chats section I see a blank message with this acquaintance.

    I get on well with the acquaintance but haven’t seen them for a year. I never chatted to them on Whatsup.

    This has happened as well with another contact. I have clicked on close friends and family photos and they don’t appear in my Chat section with a blank message.

    Why is their a blank Chat message appearing? Did they try to contact me or did I do something accidently to message them or trigger the blank message? Is it a bug or something? The blank message sits in my chat section and they have had the same photo for three months if that is of help.

    Thank you for any insight you can provide.

  • backup conservation earlier but still there is no back up and i also tried back up my conversation with the help of backup text for whatsapp but it is showing no messages how can i get back my whatsapp

  • Why is their a blank Chat message appearing? Did they try to contact me or did I do something accidently to message them or trigger the blank message? Is it a bug or something? The blank message sits in my chat section and they have

  • Is it possible for one of my contacts, call him Tom, to see/download my other contacts while I am talking to Tom?

  • Hi Deepansh, Someone is stalking me from quite a long time on WhatsApp. I feel some kind of weird sensation of somebody’s presence all the time. Have you got any solution to it? It feels as somebody is just waiting for me to come online. Please help me.

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