Narendra Modi : The Pre-concede Prime Minister Of India

DISCLAIMER : I don’t know if someone who is in their senses would come to this conclusion, but the fact that leaders in India do make senseless claims makes me want to put this disclaimer. This article was in no way sponsored by BJP or Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi : The Pre-concede Prime Minister Of India

Since the hype for this term’s election campaign began India has seen multiple shifts from the charismatic Narendra Modi to the pseudo-messiah Arvind Kejriwal and back to the last hope Narendra Modi and while the whole nation was kind of moving from A to B and back to A, my family was pretty much stuck on B or in other words, Mr. Narendra Modi.

Now, this article is actually not about how Mr. Modi can transform the country because we’ve already read that, haven’t we? This is more about how Narendra Modi is the perfect leader as well as now stands as the pre-concede Prime Minister of India. To put it simply there seems to be no possible and sane action which will prevent him from becoming the Prime Minister; the whole nation is already celebrating his name as the Prime Minister which was proved in the Special Episode of Aap Ki Adalat featuring the long term host, Rajat Sharma and Narendra Bhai Modi.

Here is the episode,


It’s not like I’ve not seen or heard Narendra Modi speak before but the fact that this episode left me totally glued to his side and his party is the fact that he is by far the most charismatic and brilliant orator I’ve ever seen. The fact that he spoke each answer so spontaneously is actually great.

As my brother says, Narendra Modi has the ability to speak with panache, his speech is bound to leave your mouths wide open and his wit will make you want to root for him automatically. He speaks with such valour that the tide of the argument is bound to shift in his favour. But if you are some Rahul Gandhi clone reading this right now, you will take the above as me saying Narendra Modi is only great because of his speech but that is not true. The fact that he has his work and a history of managing a state flawlessly to substantiate his claims and promises leaves big-mouthed leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal running in shallow water.

If you watch the wave of these elections you will see that Mr. Modi and his BJP has already won. Everybody is ready to vote for BJP waiting for their respective days to go and cast a vote. The fact that even Rajat Sharma couldn’t rip Mr. Modi apart nor could anyone else is not just sheer luck but substance, this man has worked and is ready to work more and transform India. It is time we rid of the Congress as it is not just promises we need but we need substance which proves that the promises are not just hollow. Not only that, when I think of an ideal Prime Minister of my country I just can’t see a person like Mr. Rahul Gandhi to lead a country. Mr. Modi however is a man with values, empathy, personality, speech and leadership skills and is the kind of leader India deserves at this point.

I’m still not 18 years old but if I was, I would vote for the leader and party who can actually bring change. To sum it up in one simple sentence – Ab ki bar, Modi Sarkar!

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  1. Shubham Agarwal says

    My thoughts completely match with yours. Narendra Modi has a solution to every problem, He can resolve almost every issue which is reported to him. India needs a change, I hope that Mr. Modi rises to our expectations. I know the probability of his failure is very less, but the way Indian Politics has behaved in all these years, it still induces the old fear.

  2. Guest says

    Didn’t expect this from you. Mr. Modi is playing divisive politics, and it would be very fatal for a country as fissile as India to have him as PM. I don’t understand from what angle do you find him a good orator? The way he deliver speeches, taking a pause after every second word just get on my nerves, he’s intolerable! If you really want to see a change in India, then vote for AAP.

    • says

      Ok, so you won’t share your name or email while commenting but you really didn’t expect this from me. I don’t get that someone who had expectations from me is trying to hide.

      Secondly, Mr. Modi won’t be fatal for thr country, not as much as mister Kejriwal. Who is an amateur, knows nothing besides filing FIRs or saying “I read the constitution last night”. He has no experience as a leader and his party acts like a stupid band of fools. Not only that he will ruin India’s international image (the part left) by not arriving in any meetings or events as the PM, the same behaviour he showed while he was the CM of Delhi. If you can still argue for AAP’s favour then I have no idea how to convince you. We need leaders, not people who act like they can do whatever they want.

      Divisive Politics is just a lame argument which is used when you have no more points to make. The Gujarat times are far back and this has been proven time and again in meets where Mr. Modi clearly gives out his reasons as to why he did something. He didn’t ‘accept the cap’ from the Muslim people. He states that he respects all religions and to get a photo while wearing the cap is not his aim. He will rather respect it and not throw but politely return it. That’s it. I don’t get why people still use this stupid argument.

      Lastly, the speech, his speech is that of a person who can lead a country. I don’t understand, I’m confused here, you argue for AAP whose primary candidate tries to make fake coughs while speaking which to me is far more irritating than a pause which you seem to hate and which is necessary while (good) oration.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! (as a Guest)

  3. anonymous says

    who is mr rajat kapoor ? u mentioned this name in the second last para, third line from top… wouldn’t it b mr. rajat sharma ?

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