No More 6 Months, 1 Month, 1 Week, Boards 2014 Are Finally Here!

No More 6 Months, 1 Month, 1 Week, Boards 2014 Are Finally Here!

I guess nobody who reads my blog would’ve expected any other topic except one friend, who must be expecting something on the criticism of swag and youth but yes, that is a reserved topic for the days when I will have more time and a little more unlimited internet access. Today, nor do I have time nor internet access. This article is being posted by the handicap of Mobile USB Tethering, if you must know. Boards 2014, they are here. As all of us knew they would come one day but now there is no feeling of “Don’t worry, there is still time left”, those days are long gone. This post is about the feelings a night before the first exam, the morning and the sudden regret, the reaching to the examination centre 5920 and finally the feeling after the exam.

The night before the exam was like any other night except I had a shitload of worry carefully hidden beneath the façade of my confident self. The only problem was, I am not confident and I am not good at hiding worry. Still it was English and the subject itself has never given me much problem so in a way I wasn’t as tensed as I am today for Physics. I slept like a baby and when I woke up after the night which felt like a minute because not-so-luckily I didn’t dream – it was a blackout and then morning, like “Poof! You’re awake!”, so much for distractions.

How much would I have not paid for a single dream to get me distracted to some fantasy choco-land. Yes, I have dreamt of those once or twice. They’re tasty. When I woke up, it was pretty normal which was more weird because it was a big day and everything was as normal as a Clefairy (Kudos to you if understood that reference). I reached the examination hall on time, 1 hour and 20 minutes before the time allotted to be exact, thanks to my class teacher who had strictly ordered for the same. To my surprise almost everyone had reached before me. What was even surprising that I had no idea of children from different schools being present too. So, the usual before the exam conversations began and a little time passed.

Suddenly, we had a wildfire of reporters, who wanted to click photographs of only those students who had books in hand or seemed to be discussing something relevant. No, you won’t find us in any photos, we were more interested in the free land and infrastructure that the government allots to Kendriya Vidyalayas and we had no notebooks on us, for we shun those who show-off by cramming at the last-minute. Not because of arrogance but because of experience, it never helps, the last-minute revision.

After we entered the gates and after the examination, I was pretty content and happy, because the exam went really well but I was more afraid and less happy because now I have no idea where the answer scripts will go for checking and no idea indeed about how much will I score on the subject I got 98 on 100 in the Pre-Board Exams at school. Not only that, the fear that the next exam is Physics followed by Chemistry both of which actually do scare me despite what my friends may think, because they have come up with a belief which states that 35 on 70 is a topper score. I’ll never understand why they feel that way.

In a nutshell, my experience with my first Board exam was actually exactly like School exams. Thank you society, news channels, websites, tuition teachers and school teachers for trying to make me experience otherwise. Thank you so much. Let’s see what the next 41 days have in store!

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