Journey Through Boards 2014 : Physics

Journey Through Boards 2014 : Physics

The way the title is written automatically suggests that this is a series of posts which I think is fine as I won’t lose my concentration due to writing and will mainly stay focused on the examinations. Last week, I didn’t officially declare Journey Through Boards 2014 as a series of posts because it wasn’t but now it is, so that post automatically comes under this category. Without much ado here is my experience with the second board examination i.e. Physics

Physics has always been a little tricky for me and has given me difficulty since time immemorial. The provisional explanation as of now is that the current syllabus has more mugging up and not understanding and there are some who are naturally good at memorising the derivations while some are not so gifted and I find myself walking along the junction of the two. That was a Physics reference by the way. Since I had a lot of time beforehand and a lot of consolation from parents because I had panicked once and gave in to tension-tears, I tried my best and revised the complete syllabus.

On the day of the exam I was really tensed, more so because I was a little late. Not late per se rather late because everyone was early. With many little skips in my footsteps I reached the examination room and by Jove wasn’t I surprised and disappointed. There stood two scary looking, dark invigilators with that stern, “You’re fucked now.” look in their eyes but I had to enter the room and I did. A while later came the question papers and the reading time began. A very little smile appeared on my tensed face, the questions were not very difficult and some were actually direct so I began and 3 hours later I was as cheerful as a lark, screaming and squeaking. No, I did not score a 70 on 70 but I scored what I think is good enough for me and the level of preparation I had.

Physics was officially done with and next was Chemistry, which is still next anyway. The preparation leaves that we’ve been allotted for Chemistry are less but Physics had also played deception. On the second leave’s evening, I got a little bird rumour and for a second, the world collapsed around me, ‘The paper has leaked beforehand in Imphal, Manipur and re-examinations may be initiated.’ Imagine saving for months for a phone and after getting it and taking it out of the box, it falls down and the screen shatters, now notice the expression – the disappointment. That was the size of disappointment here. I was reassured that the re-examinations even though would be held, there would be no re-examinations for Dehradun because it made no sense as the papers leaked only in Imphal. The next day an official notice stating re-examinations only in Manipur was issued by the CBSE and so, Physics had finally been slain.

Let us see what story Chemistry brings, would it be the same? Would it be better? Would it be a tale of disappointment? Only time and Fortuna will tell, for now all I can do is prepare and stay calm.

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