Last Day At School, A Little Hangout And The Fear Of Boards 2014

Last Day At School, A Little Hangout And The Fear Of Boards 2014

These are tough times, with the CBSE Boards 2014 starting from 1st of March, things are pretty out of hands but amidst that panic, tension and difficulty, there came a little gap of about 6 hours which seems to be the last day of school indeed. Since we hit board practical exams all of us commemorate each day as last day which I think is pretty odd because then we meet after a week or so and call that day another last day, in a nutshell, we’ve had about 9-10 last days now which is quite absurd. Fun but absurd.

Today was our school’s Founders Day celebration and to get into the details of it would be more difficult than suicide so I’ll just fast-forward to the time when our class teacher told us that we should go out now from the back gate, us being 12th standard students.

As we went out, we knew that a little fun in between school and home was already waiting on a plate because it was a friend, Prateek‘s birthday and he had to give us a treat. Not that it was a compulsion, no, actually it was. So after a lot of discussion among 12 people we came to the conclusion of Pizza Hut. We joked, while another friend played Asphalt 8 on my phone. We also posted to Instagram, like the way celebs do, “@dk_thepolymath in #PizzaHut with @pixelteek and @ataldangwal” with a picture of two pizza slices and a cross process filter.

After that was when the more heated fun began, we went to an abandoned construction site which is actually Prateek’s favourite place to hangout and which was also used in this great dubstep dance video by a Dehradun based dance artist. Imagine twelve 17-18 year old guys and an empty, semi-finished construction site with a huge yellow crane in the middle, well you know what happens. We went crazy over there, while one of us attempted an alleged death attempt by climbing up an estimated 60 ft high crane. He did it halfway until we actually panicked and asked him to come down.

Tiny Planet - Construction Site

Tiny Planet – Construction Site

Then I made this photosphere which was converted into this tiny planet, we also made a little movie and after a big photo session, talks and fun we came home. I got some great shots, though I’m not a photographer just an enthusiast and added a few more snapshots to the mental picture book I’ve started keeping since a few weeks. So, all in all this was a much-needed release before two months of career melodrama and for which I thank Prateek and wish him a Happy Birthday! :)

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