The Routeen Magazine – An Idea That ‘May’ Be In Action By January

The Routeen Magazine An Idea That May Be In Action By January

About 2 weeks back me and my friends started a vision, a week from that day we put the idea into a little action. The idea was a magazine by teens, for teens, to teens – The Routeen Magazine.

What Is The Routeen?

The Routeen Magazine Logo

The Routeen Magazine Logo

The Routeen is a teens magazine which basically deals with everything teens encounter daily. Technology, Problems, Parents, Relationships and what not. We plan to deliver content that is exactly what people want that is why before stirring things, we started a survey and with ample amount of entries we got to know a lot about people and what they want from a magazine. But that is just the 20% serious part of The Routeen. There is actually more, the other 80% is the fun, frolic approach to a magazine.

Who Are We?

We are nothing but a group of 4.5 16-17 year-olds as of now. 4.5? Yeah, well we are 4 full time people and 1 who isn’t that completely involved so that amounts to 4.5. We are kids right now. That is why every printer puts us down and ignores us but we still are searching for some cool people who will appreciate our effort. We aren’t nerds, nor are we jocks. We are just a group of 60-40 individuals, 60% Geek – 40% Cool guys.

Things We’ll Cover

Basically everything. But then to narrow ‘everything’ down – Technology, Youth, Day-to-day problems, Help, Education, Gaming, Movies, Music, Reviews, Applications, Photography, Relationships and everything in and out of the gaps.

Where Are We Right Now?

At our Facebook page and in a Secret Facebook group discussing and plotting World Domination. We plan to launch the first issue by January but then that is an arbitrary values. Meanwhile we are recruiting more people and are searching for a printing firm.

What’s Next…

This is an idea that like many of mine is liable to be buried under time but I would hate for that to happen, I really want this to be successful.

About Deepansh Khurana

Deepansh Khurana is a blogger and freelance graphics designer from Dehradun. He writes at his personal blog titled 'The Polymath' and was featured as a Guest Writer on Penguin India's e-Magazine 'Inked' a while back. He spends most of his days in the preset routine of a 17-year old Indian guy. When he's not in that routine, which is more than often, he is busy blogging, watching crime shows, movies and anime, reading novels and manga and playing video games. A Tech freak, Eminem fan, Apple hater and Naruto follower, a Drifter. He can be reached through his blog and his e-mail, which is


  1. Great!! I am waitng 4 d magzn and Godwilling it will b a big success…all d bst.

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