How A Barber Cut Away A Perfectly Good Day For Me…

How A Barber Cut Away A Perfectly Good Day For Me...

I’ve never cared much about how I look. My hairstyle has no basic style, it’s the way it was since childhood and I don’t care much for it. But when a barber cuts away half of your hair and makes you look like a retard, even someone like me will freak out big time and that is what exactly happened.

6:30 AM

Got up for extra tuition classes, yeah, on a Sunday. My teacher is a little crazy about this, I haven’t had one Sunday since the last 9 Sundays, if you get what I mean.

7:50 AM

Reached. Had to wait till 8:20 for others to pop up as I was I guess 40 minutes early for some unknown reason I’m yet to understand. I’m always about an hour early to each place. So much for punctuality.

8:30 AM 

Class started.

10:00 AM

Class finished. Went up to the Physics centre for yet another Sunday class.

11:30 AM

Physics class ended. Tickets were booked. Thor : The Dark World was next. :D

By 3:30 PM

I was at home. Content with watching Thor and actually having fun even though I had attended 2 classes for about 3 hours on a chilly cold winter morning.

Now, things started going downhill, I had to get a haircut today because my gut told me that there would happen an incident about me getting scolded or pointed at because of my long hair and usually, my gut isn’t wrong when it comes to chides.

5:10 PM

I was waiting for ‘the person who cuts my hair usually’ at the saloon but he didn’t show up so I had to give in and let the ‘new employee’ cut my hair. This person had a very weird hairstyle and well, that is what we call cool today. So, I explained to him my regular haircut and 10 minutes later what he had done was actually terrible. My head looked like the sides were cut using a lawnmower and I had a lot of hair on the top and back. But how come I didn’t notice it, because he was maybe so clever or so lucky that he had sprayed about 500 mL of water on my head which without even using any scissors or trimmers made my hair look like it had already been cut. I paid and went out. It looked average-ly normal so I was content until when I saw my distorted reflection in a parked car’s window. That is when I noticed that my hair had dried off and I had a kilo of hair on my head while none on the sides. I went back and for the first time in my life, I was angry because of a haircut and I didn’t talk calmly. I was angry and anyone would be. I looked like a freak when I saw multiple reflections of mine. I argued with him and he had to cut my hair to make it look somewhat normal again and he did it. He had to. I went home, washed my head and then sat down.

I had nothing to do. A perfect da-y-te was ruined today because this dumb guy wanted to watch the movie on the television more than he wanted to do his job. Though after typing all this out I feel a little relieved. But then, what day is ever completely awesome. :/

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  1. Awwwie. This is bad. I realise how much worse it can get if this was a girl writing the post :D :D
    Richa Singh recently posted..Why I travel?My Profile

  2. He wanted to give u a ‘Hobbit’ Look :P

  3. Hi Deepansh!
    wish you hair on the sides sooner that the ones at top and back… lol!
    Ana recently posted..Gorgeous in GreyMy Profile

  4. alpha I guess…. :D

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