Good vs Evil : Do Good People Do Bad Things?

Good vs Evil : Do Good People Do Bad Things?

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Last year, I wrote about a writing competition at my school and I wrote my prose as a blog post, continuing the trend here is this year’s entry. For the note, no results were announced last year which is quite unfortunate. Out of so many topics I chose this one because I’ve developed a certain affection for these debatable topics, it seems. Perhaps, it’s just my writing style now. Here I begin…

Since the start of the modern era where all of us follow religion, codes and principles just to become what the society calls, ‘a Good person’. All fables and teachings I’ve ever heard since childhood were about good conquering over evil. The victory of the righteous. But I do not stand in favour of these archaic policies that do not exist in the modern society.

The first notion that bugs me is what or who actually is good. Would a person who never lies be considered good or someone who lies for a friend? How do we so conveniently draw the line between good and evil? Do we even have the authority to decide our own good and evil being members of the naive human race. Even though these questions cannot be answered directly and if we can actually draw this line of good and evil for our lives, does everyone have the same criteria? It is far too obvious that good for one might be evil for another and that has given rises to many conflicts over the course of history.

A ruler who wants to unite people in a united kingdom has to conquer lands and people, is he wrong? Was any ruler over history wrong in his conscience? The point being, good and evil can be considered as arbitrary constants where we add or subtract actions for our existence. I am a good son, probably, if I do what my parents think is good for me, that doesn’t mean I’m a good person but that doesn’t deny it either.

The conclusion I can draw is that in today’s society filled with cut-throat competition, the world becoming a global village and many other modern evils that have come to haunt us, the idea of good and evil just doesn’t do justice. Whatever we do, may be bad for people. Someone who doesn’t help a friend during an exam is a truthful and honest person but for the friend he is a selfish arse. Good things and actions, are these even existent? What the Geeta or the Bible tells us may or may not be good. What I believe is when a person does things and acts in a way which is even 50 per cent up to the standard definition of Good and is content and satisfied by himself, then, he is a good person. He still may be bad for many but inside he will be righteous, to his life and his code, which is good enough.

But this is what my opinion is, it may be good or may be bad, that is for you to decide…

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    i love your blog a lot.

  2. Deepansh

    i have my own theory on good and bad. read it here.
    and then tell me what u think about it

    i will be waiting for your comment.

    let me tell you. i am mighty impressed with your blog.
    you are just 17! and doing great already!
    all the best.
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