Of Jealous Teachers and Brilliant Students…

Of Jealous Teachers and Brilliant Students...The teacher-student relations have existed over years and they exist as of now too but there are some very disgusting and disgraceful situations where teachers have left no choice but for the students to hate them. Teachers today have left no respect for a student as a human being and the role of the teacher has shifted from someone who guides to someone who wants to rule the students and that too with tyranny. After looking how the teachers behave with us students, we have left no choice but to back answer, argue, complain etc. all of which falls into the category of ‘Misconduct’.

I have seen most of this tyranny in the past two years at a school in Dehradun, wouldn’t mention the name here. Teachers no longer care for their students, it’s just that the work given to a student is done, all else doesn’t matter. Even after years of student protection laws which forbid violence and using words which are not meant to be used, these things still happen and have happened with me too.  I’ve been slapped, I’ve been scolded, I’ve been called ‘Worthless’ and I’ve done duck walks across large areas, but why did I do it then and am writing about it here? It’s because sometimes you are not just enough alone and you ask your friends or colleagues for assisting you in your cause and afraid of getting more punishment, they reject. And then you have to surrender to a power which is greater than you.

My question is – Why?

When you know that the behavior towards you is wrong, why not go against it. Specially in a country like India where you are paying for school and what do you get in return – Very less knowledge, Too much insult.

Then why resist the urge to back answer, we all are human beings and “Teachers don’t apologize to students, even if it is their fault.” as put by a teacher who joined my school a few days ago, is not a very good philosophy for someone whose salary comes from those very students.

Now this is what happened today between an acquaintance of mine and the very same teacher mentioned above. Wewere told to write a ‘Factual Description on an Ashtray’ and I didn’t write it as usual, but this time, it isn’t about me. :)

It’s about that guy who wrote it and the description was remarkable and well written, for I read it after the scene happened.

What happened was that when this particular person was made to read the text loud for the class, the teacher probably couldn’t get his accent or the words, so she asked for his text to read it. After she had read a few lines – she got stuck on a word and asked the person about it, he explained the meaning but the teacher, who should have actually appreciated the effort, screamed and shouted and insulted him in front of around 40 other students. He was humiliated and accused for trying to make a ‘Good Impression’ on the very teacher and his text, which was writtenwith a great deal of vocabulary and effort was disgraced, his effort foiled. The happy and satisfied expression was no longer on the guy’s face. What was present was grim look and eyes fixed on the teachers face. I must admit that if I was in his place, I would have replied, back answered and done what not to smile again. But he didn’t do it.

Which is totally correct according to the so-called manipulative norms of the f*****g society. The so-called principles which cannot be manipulated by the people passing through the learning age. The egoistic teachers have started behaving selfishly, just because you don’t like a student – You stop his admissions to the next class. Is that humane? According to me, this is not the behavior of a teacher but rather a person who is so frustrated with their life that they would do as they please until they are content.

You don’t let the person advance to the next standard just on the grounds of ‘undisciplined’? Tell me, if you would not have spent around 20 minutes out of a class of 45 minutes on this very person, would he have the time to feel like the so-called ‘clown’ of the class? Would he have enough attention? Would he have the time to laugh at you?

I guess, NO! But you decided to give him around 45% of the valuable time for him to become ‘Undisciplined’. Why didn’t you just decide to ignore him, for he would have stopped doing the stupid acts after five minutes or so.

And after all these examples and similar cases happening in every school of the country – The student is called ‘bad’ for back answering and trying to ask for his right, I say…

Go, Be Bad but tell them that they are wrong. Try to resist the urge for some time but then just break out the chains and let the beast take over you. A beast that has been humiliated, A beast who wants to betreated kindly, A beast who is still a human being.

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